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Former Cowboy Michael Irvin has harsh words for Dez Bryant, Josh Norman

Former Cowboy Michael Irvin has harsh words for Dez Bryant, Josh Norman

Cowboys legend Michael Irvin appreciates the Dallas-Washington rivalry like few other players can. But he wasn't impressed with shoving and trash talking between Redskins corner Josh Norman and Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant on Thanksgiving. 

Irving said as much on Sunday's NFL GameDay Morning. The conversation started with Kurt Warner objecting to Norman claiming Bryant only had three catches against him. 

"That's the stuff that becomes so much about me, me, me, me, me and what did I do, when this is a we game, this is a team game," Irvin said. 

But the five-time Pro Bowler pointed out what he believes is a bigger problem with Norman: Every week, the Redskins' corner is fueding with someone new. And he's the common denominator. 

"We don't talk about this enough with Josh Norman. Watch the stuff that Josh Norman has done on the football field," Irvin said. "We spend so much time talking about Odell Beckham that we don't talk about all the extra stuff. Picking people up, bodyslamming people, [Norman] did that both times in the battle against Odell Beckham. This time, he's grabbing Dez's foot, twisting his foot.

"It's like 'Come on man, play the game of football.' You got talent, you want to be a shutdown corner, shut it down on the football field between the whistles. Don't be doing all of that junk.

"Every week it's something. One week Josh is arguing about the referee 88, now this week it's Dez Bryant 88, I don't know who it's going to be what 88 next week. Just play football."

In Bryant's case, Irvin wondered why he'd even want to talk about his matchup with Norman. He wasn't all that effective. 

"Not just Josh, Dez is going to put out film where he shows he was beating Josh. They didn't throw you the ball! I don't want to see that. It doesn't matter," Irvin said.

"Let's be real here, all Dez should have said was 'I won the game, man. We won the game, we're 10-1 and we're moving on.'"

Needless to say, Irvin was never the shy and retiring type himself. So when he says you've gone too far, well, he's probably right. 

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How the boy becomes king, Dwayne Haskins became Simba

How the boy becomes king, Dwayne Haskins became Simba

By Julie Donaldson

Most nicknames are either earned or given to you.  On the Redskins, take "AD's" (standing for "All Day,") never quit mentality in Oklahoma.  Another Sooner Trent Williams is fondly known as "Silverback," as his teammates said he was a beast on the field. Former Redskin Ha Ha Clinton-Dix said his Grandma started calling him Ha Ha because he giggled so much as a kid. His real name is Ha’Sean. 

Then, there are these from around the league: Marshawn Lynch, a.k.a "Beast Mode." There's the Cowboys' Demarcus Lawrence, known as "Tank "because his big brother would always “tank him” when wrestling. Cincinnati's quarterback Andy Dalton is the "Red Rifle" for more obvious reasons. 

All of these names were given to the player by a teammate, coach, friend, or family member as a term of endearment. Such is the case for Dwayne Haskins Jr., who goes by "Simba." Simba, of course, was the cub that is born to take over the throne, or football team for the sake of this story. 

Haskins adopted the name Simba when he was seven. His Aunt was combing out what Haskins said was his "fro" and she told him it looked like a lion's mane. Thus, Simba was born. 

Last night, a new King was born as Dwayne Haskins brings his moniker to Ashburn. Welcome, Simba. Rule well! 


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Whether it's for Dwayne Haskins or one of their vet QBs, Redskins now must get offensive weapons

Whether it's for Dwayne Haskins or one of their vet QBs, Redskins now must get offensive weapons

In the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Redskins managed to acquire a quarterback and an edge rusher, thanks to a combination of patience and then aggressiveness. 

Now, with those two needs taken care of, there's another clear objective for Day 2 of the proceedings: Find a difference-making skill player.

Maybe even make it two.

Washington gave up their second-rounder to move up for Montez Sweat, which leaves them with the 76th overall selection and the 96th overall selection to work with on Friday. The franchise has had its fair share of problems capitalizing on mid-round picks recently, but perhaps this is where they finally hit again on what could be a key pair of prospects.

Regardless of whether Dwayne Haskins ends up seizing the starting job or Case Keenum or Colt McCoy is there in Week 1 instead, that QB is going to need talented targets.

Sure, Jordan Reed is a quality pass catcher, Paul Richardson could be a deep threat if healthy, and Chris Thompson is a terror out of the backfield. But those three all have injury issues, and the other skill guys on the roster currently instill next to no fear in opposing defenders' minds.

Fortunately for the Burgundy and Gold, plenty of receivers remain on the board. Options like Hakeem Butler, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Riley Ridley, Emanuel Hall and Parris Campbell, plus others, are all still available heading into Nashville's second night. It's a very deep class.

The same goes for tight end. Irv Smith, Jace Sternberger, Kahale Warring and more have yet to be snagged. 

In getting Haskins, the Redskins showed they're committed to trying to find a solution to their signal caller woes. Between him, Keenum and McCoy, the offense should be covered for both 2019 and beyond. The next step is to supply those players with more to work with.

Yes, they could look to address guard, or find a safety, or build depth at corner. None of those should be ruled out and all would be prudent decisions.

However, the offense needs an influx of youth, speed and game-changing ability. Friday, the Redskins will have the opportunity to add future pros with those qualities. It's up to them to take advantage of that opportunity.