The Redskins' defense looked solid in Week 1 against the Eagles.

The offense did not.

The Redskins' offense looked casual and disoriented at times on Sunday in the 30-17 loss

You can add CSN's Brian Mitchell to the growing number of people already wondering if there is a mentality issue with the team.

"You play like your coach. The personality of your coach. I saw an agressive defense and an easy-going offense," Mitchell said on Redskins Extra.


"I like Jay [Gruden], he's a nice dude. But Jay is going to have to get a bit pissed off with this team when they mess up. I don't want 'we have to play better,' tell me how you are going to get better. Listen, we could sit up here and blame player after player after player. Everytime we see something go wrong with this football team, we always hear the offensive coaches say, 'We have to get better,' and you're damn right. And who is going to be the person to orchestrate that to happen? It has to be the head coach, who is the offensive coordinator who calls the plays. It has to come from Jay Gruden."

It's still just Week 1, but Mitchell's concern is one that may have some merit. The Redskins have never won a season-opener under Jay Gruden. The Redskins have started 1-2 in each of Gruden's three seasons, and some of that is due to the fact that the team does not gel until later in the season. They are slow starters. I've long believed the Redskins play like there is always another snap, like they can remedy their problem the next time around if it doesnt work this time. But I don't think it's just a problem with the Redskins. I think it's one of the biggest issues facing most average NFL teams. 


But I also understand that it's just Week 1 and there is a lot of football left, so getting bent out of shape after one game is an inefficient use of energy. That being said, seven days might not be enough time to fix the issue. It's not a football issue. It's an execution issue.

"The offense has to do better. The defense did enough to win the game. But I heard Jay Gruden say they were going to run the ball a lot this year. They ran it 17 times today. That is not a great effort. This offensive line? Hogs 2.0? Stop talking about that. Lets get to just being a good offensive line right now because today, they were manhandled by the Eagles defensive line. "

Week 1 is when the time for talk is supposed to end. But after a sloppy preseason, it seems like the Redskins needed one more week to get the talk out of their system.

Week 2 has to be better.

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