After Wednesday's OTA session — in which Kirk Cousins looked to him as often as a millennial looks at his or her cell phone — Jamison Crowder came off of one of Washington's practice fields in Ashburn and repeated a single phrase over and over again.

When the idea of him feeling more at ease as a second-year player as opposed to being a rookie was brought up, for example, he said, "I feel comfortable coming back knowing the offense. Looking forward to going out there and making plays and helping out the team as much as I can."

Then, when he was asked about whether his place in the offense would look different in 2016 compared to 2015, he responded, "I don’t see my role changing much from last year, [just] making sure I get open and make plays."

And, of course, when the topic of Cousins' increased confidence was mentioned, Crowder answered, "You feel that Kirk is the guy, he knows what he’s doing. Whenever he throws the ball my way, or anybody's way, you just gotta make plays."

While it isn't at the top of the list yet, "Make plays" certainly deserves a spot near Scot McCloughan's "He's a football player" and Cousins' "You like that?!" as things that are reiterated often around the Redskins. But that one-track mindset will surely help the former fourth-round pick build on a first-rate debut campaign that saw him catch 59 passes for 604 yards and a pair of touchdowns. 


Behind the emergence of Jordan Reed and the addition of Josh Doctson, plus the production from mainstays Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson, some are saying that the Burgundy and Gold could have the most dynamic group of pass catchers in the NFL. On Wednesday, however, it was Crowder who was repeatedly freeing himself from defensive backs and securing passes from No. 8 — while Doctson was injured on the sidelines and Jackson was not present, nonetheless.

According to Cousins, that's something Crowder has an innate knack for, and a reason why he shouldn't be forgotten about when talking up Redskins receivers.

"All of that lends itself to taking another step forward,” Cousins said last week. “He’s a great teammate, smart player, has a natural sense of how to get open, how to run different option routes and choice routes, great natural hands and is really good after the catch pulling away from people."

He may not have Reed's size, Doctson's athleticism, Garçon's nastiness or Jackson's straight-line speed, but it's clear that Crowder has his quarterback's trust. And that trust will only continue to grow throughout the rest of offseason work and into his sophomore year.

You can almost see the commercial now: "Need a play to be made? Dial 8-0. Jamison Crowder will take care of that for you."