While everyone in the area continues to obsess over Kirk Cousins' value and potential deal — have you heard he's negotiating with the Redskins over one yet? — there are two contracts that have already been official for a few months that NFL Insider Ian Rapoport loves for Washington.

The first one belongs to Terrelle Pryor. During an appearance on CSN's #RedskinsTalk podcast, Rapoport told JP Finlay that the wideout should provide a huge return on the cheap one-year agreement he signed in March.

"I think he can be a real star," he said. "He has incredible incentive, because he still does not have a long-term deal. That carrot can really make guys perform and sort of keep them performing and keep them focused. I think that will help immensely. It could turn out to be one of the best deals of free agency."


Rapoport even thinks Pryor's arrival can offset a key departure.

"I really liked it for the Redskins," he continued. "This offense lost DeSean Jackson — that'll hurt some. But Pryor being there kind of minimizes that hurt if you ask me."

That carrot the reporter referred to, along with the fact that Pryor is an athletic freak who's going to be paired with by far the best QB he's ever been paired with this coming year, backs up Rapoport's suggestion that the receiver will shine for the Burgundy and Gold. Yes, he'll have to share targets with Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed and he's still raw, but it's hard to envision a scenario outside of an injury where Pryor doesn't make his $6 million price tag look like a major bargain for the 'Skins.


The other player with a contract that Rapoport is high on belongs to a defensive player. Zach Brown, who joined Washington in April after the free agency market had really settled, could also turn out to be a tremendous find, Rapoport believes.

"I think, based on what it looked like last year, that he has the potential to be one of the best linebackers in football," Rapoport said. "[His speed is] crazy. That was another really good, smart, kind of value signing. For the Redskins, they got a really, really good player at a rate where you wouldn't think it'd be possible to get someone like that."


"He is not perfect, he's not for everyone, certainly not for everyone, and I know there's some teams that say, 'You know what? Have him. We'll make do without him,'" he acknowledged. "But talent-wise, he is ridiculous. So, if the Redskins get out of him the kind of player he can be, that's gonna be a big-time steal."

To review: In Rapoport's mind, Pryor has star potential, while Brown might very well end up as a steal. If both of those predictions turn out to be true, well, the Redskins won't need to angst over whether the one-year deals they landed those players with were worth the time and money.

Instead, they'll just need to worry about how they can sign both of them to something longer in 2018.  

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