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Injury outlook: Don't count on Trent


Injury outlook: Don't count on Trent

Here is my reading of the tea leaves on the injury outlook for this weeks game against the Bucs.Trent Williams(knee, out of practice on Wednesday)Id be very surprised if he plays. He did not practice on Wednesday and it looks like a week of rehab is in the offing. Redskins fans (and RG3) need to brace themselves for four quarters of Jordan Black. He should be better after getting a week of practice but hes still no Trent Williams and there is no question that the Bucs will test him early and often. It seems likely that Maurice Hurt will become the backup tackle and that Josh LeRibeus will be active and back up the interior line.Pierre Garon(limited)Id be very surprised if he doesnt play. He said yesterday that theres a lot of progress towards the injury getting healed. There will still be some sandbagging going on but it is hard to believe that this injury will keep him out for a third full game.Cedric Griffin(hamstring, out)There seems to be very little chance that his hamstring will be well enough for him to play. The Redskins have tended to be cautious with hamstrings and Griffin likely will sit. That will press rookie Richard Crawford into duty as the nickel corner and means that David Jones, just signed back to the roster after the team released him during the final cuts, will be active on Sunday.Brandon Meriweather(knee, limited)Flip a coin. This was projected to be a two-to-four-week injury and this would be the fourth game. That he was limited is a good sign but he was limited last week, too.Evan Royster(knee, limited)He said hes optimistic about being able to play but players usually are. Alfred Morris is healthy and if they think that Ryan Grant would be able to carry the load if needed, I think theyll sit Royster.

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Vernon Davis urges Redskins fans to have patience with Bruce Allen

Vernon Davis urges Redskins fans to have patience with Bruce Allen

Tight end Vernon Davis has seen the Washington Redskins go through many ups and downs since becoming a part of the organization in 2016, but the 2018 season brought a new set of challenges.

Two injured quarterbacks headlined the Redskins' 7-9 season and fans were once again calling for team president Bruce Allen's job.

In a rare media availability during Tuesday's Senior Bowl practice, Allen noted how "close" he felt the Redskins were to reaching the postseason but his continued lack of transparency is something that does not sit well with Redskins fans.

Davis, speaking Wednesday on 106.7 The Fan's Sports Junkies, is standing by the team's president.

"I strongly believe, like I said before, we have the pieces to win games."

"Bruce and Dan [Snyder], those guys are constantly sitting in their office trying to find ways to win. It's not like they're not doing a great job with it. I believe in them. I believe that they're going to make the right decision to do the best they can do to help us win football games around here because that's what they're there for. Bruce is there to make sure that we're a championship team. Make sure that we're winning. Making sure that we have all the pieces when it comes to different positions on the football field. So, they're doing just that.

Allen has continued to praise the Redskins fans for their passion throughout the offseason. But if you know the Redskins, don't expect many changes to take place. 

And if it's hard for you to hang on to the little insight Allen provides Redskins fans with in regards to the future of the organization, Davis urges fans to keep holding on. 

"I wouldn't quite count him out. I just say have patience and continue to support the Washington Redskins." 


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Bruce Allen answered every question at the Senior Bowl, but he didn't say all that much

Bruce Allen answered every question at the Senior Bowl, but he didn't say all that much

MOBILE — Bruce Allen stood in the pocket and watched as the pass rush came, but like a veteran quarterback, he avoided the pressure and sidestepped the blitz. 

Speaking with reporters for the first time in a long time on Tuesday at the Senior Bowl, the embattled Redskins team president dutifully took every question thrown his way. 

Allen got asked about the low attendance figures at FedEx Field, and maneuvered his explanation into the injured Redskins squad that took the field Week 17.

Allen got asked about the #FireBruceAllen movement and deftly turned the conversation into a discussion on the passionate Redskins fan base. 

Allen did not provide much of an update on injured quarterback Alex Smith or any real contract talks with pending free agents Jamison Crowder, Preston Smith or Adrian Peterson. 

Allen did not provide much of an update on a new Redskins stadium, and there wasn't much information about additions or changes to the front office. 

Pressed why he was the right person to run the Redskins, Allen explained that his passion for the team puts him in the same line as the fans. 

He wants what they want. 

It's true, Allen loves the Redskins and has since he was a child and his father famously coached the team. That still doesn't explain why he deserves to run the team. There were questions about the front office structure and the coaching staff, but the answers were mostly endorsements of the status quo. 

It's also fair to point out that on many contractual matters, Allen might not be able to say much, or it might be wise for him to provide as little information as possible. 

Give Allen credit. 

He's quite good at talking without providing real insight into what he's thinking. That's not on accident, and it is a skill. 

In fact, many executives and coaches around the NFL deploy the same strategy. Coach-speak is famous for providing no information, and few GMs like to give their opposition the slightest clue about their next move. 

What amplifies the situation is the rarity upon which Allen speaks, particularly in group settings. 

Want some good news Redskins fans? Allen said he would talk again at the NFL Scouting Combine. 

That's about a month away — and maybe then, there will be more answers.