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Interested and offended, D.C. mayor walks thin line on Redskins return


Interested and offended, D.C. mayor walks thin line on Redskins return

With the final resolution passed by the D.C. government to build a new stadium for D.C. United in Southwest Washington, momentum seems on the city's side to perhaps bring the Redskins back inside the District line.

Much conversation has been had about getting the 'Skins back in D.C. ever since owner Dan Snyder mentioned the possibility of a new stadium last summer in an interview with CSN's Chick Hernandez. As the months have passed since Snyder's comments, speculation has grown rampant where a stadium to replace FedEx Field might pop up when the stadium lease expires in 2027.

Many factors point to Virginia as a logical home for the team, since the Redskins practice in Ashburn and hold training camp in Richmond. The state of Virginia also seems to most soundly support the team's name, where politicians in Maryland and D.C. have soured on the term. Bowser expressed a similar sentiment.

"I think it's offensive," Bowser said Tuesday of the Redskins name.


Despite disapproving of the name, Bowser still sounded interested in bringing the team back to the city. The mayor spoke about the possibility of the team's return, particularly the RFK Stadium site where the Redskins experienced so much success before moving to FedEx Field in Landover in 1997. 

"We have made it clear to the team that we're interested to talk to them about their needs," Bowser said. "Looking to the future, [Events DC is] concerned with an empty RFK. And so, Events DC is currently developing scenarios of how RFK could be developed either with a stadium or without a stadium."

While Virginia politicians have been the most vocal about wanting the Redskins in their state, Bowser has been receptive to bringing the Redskins back to D.C., and now can point to a track record of success with the finalization of the D.C. United stadium.

"I've always been open to the team returning to the city," Bowser said.

Other D.C politicians have not expressed the same opinion as Bowser, but the first-term mayor has made clear her stance. Stay tuned. 

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Derrius Guice saw 'Avengers' on Monday night — and brought a bunch of Redskins fans with him

Derrius Guice saw 'Avengers' on Monday night — and brought a bunch of Redskins fans with him

Those who are worried about Derrius Guice's character picked up some added evidence when, on Monday night, the Redskins rookie invited a bunch of fans to watch Avengers with him in Ashburn.

Man, what is this guy's deal?

First of all, not everyone likes superheroes. So how did he know that those who joined him actually wanted to see Avengers?  Did he even ask? What if they wanted to see that really successful, really funny, really well-regarded Amy Schumer comedy, instead?

Then, there's the issue of Guice buying tickets and concessions for those who showed up.

Some people enjoy buying movie tickets — which are absolutely reasonably priced these days — and, as far as the concessions, seriously? Candy? Popcorn? He could've at least offered to buy something healthier, like broccoli. All movie theaters have broccoli.  

Thankfully, those who took Guice up on his invitation weren't grateful for the experience at all, which hopefully means this will be the last time he orchestrates a dastardly deed like this one:

At this point, it's a surprise Guice didn't slide even farther down in the draft, like to the 15th round. Unbelievable.



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Redskins G Arie Kouandjio likely out for the season

USA Today Sports Images

Redskins G Arie Kouandjio likely out for the season

The news about Arie Kouandjio’s quad injury didn’t sound good when NBC Sports Washington broke it a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t sound any better when Jay Gruden said that they were seeking a second opinion. 

And now we have word that Kouandjio will be out for the season, per multiple media reports. While there was some initial hope that he might be able to play at some point this season, he is likely to be put on injured reserve soon. 

The corresponding move is expected to be the signing of guard Isaiah Williams, per JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington. He spent training camp with the Redskins in 2016 and 2017 before being released in the final cuts. Last year he also spent time with the Chiefs and the Colts but he has yet to appear in an NFL game. 

At worst, the Redskins have lost their starter at left guard. Kouandjio was set to compete with Shawn Lauvao for that job. Lauvao, who has been the starter at left guard going into the season for each of the last four years, would have been tough to unseat, but the 26-year-old Kouandjio may have had the inside track.

And at best, the Redskins lost experienced depth. Last year, when injuries hit hard along the offensive line, Kouandjio was re-signed and he started six games. It’s tough to lose experienced depth before the players even put pads on.

We will see if the Redskins make a move to shore up the guard position. Over the next couple of weeks, teams will be evaluating their veteran players and their rookies to see if they have younger and cheaper options. That could lead to some serviceable players getting released or some quality options being put on the trading block. 

The Redskins likely are set to get four compensatory draft picks in 2019, which would give them a total of 11 selections. They certainly could afford to deal one of those picks if they are offered a chance to upgrade at left guard. 

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