Santana Moss' resume — one that includes more than 10,000 receiving yards in the NFL to go along with 66 touchdowns through the air — is definitely different than an average business student. While most people pursuing an MBA spend their summers taking on internships or learning the ins-and-outs of accounting and marketing, Moss spent the majority of his since 2001 in training camps with the Jets and Redskins, learning new offenses and route combinations.

Despite those differences, though, the 14-year veteran will look like any other regular guy on Thursday, when he graduates from a University of Miami business program, according to his Instagram. At 36 years old, it'll be the second time he wears a cap and gown at "The U" — he earned his bachelor's degree in 2001 after four years there, where he also set the school record for receiving yards on the field for the Hurricanes.

Here is the full post from Moss detailing the accomplishment:

Last July, explained Moss' decision to go back to school. The wideout told, "One day there is going to be a time when you are done with the NFL, and it’s like, 'What else?'" That's why he enrolled in a specialized class designed for artists and athletes, and it looks like he's passed it just like he used to pass first down markers during his days in Washington.

The perils of post-football life are well-known, as stories of ex-players running into financial hardships are told on a seemingly daily basis. Judging by Moss' decision to pick up his MBA, however, he figures to be in solid shape to avoid those troubles. So, while he developed a reputation as a big-play guy with the Redskins, one capable of ripping off a 70-yard score at any time, all of his long catches will probably be outweighed in importance by the handful of steps he takes across the stage Thursday.

His NFL career was a prolific one. But now, he's setting himself up for another profession — and this one won't just matter on Sundays.