After the Cowboys defeated the Redskins last week on Thanksgiving, an ugly scene devolved near midfield between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman. Plenty of words were exchanged between the two, and the altercation became national news throughout the long holiday weekend.

While commentators like Michael Irvin had some strong words for Norman, to Redskins coach Jay Gruden, the cornerback's behavior hasn't been much of a problem.

"As far as Josh is concerned, I don't really think there's been an issue off the field that I've really had to manage a whole lot, to be honest," Gruden said Wednesday. "There's a couple Twitter battles that I really don't even read anyway."

What's more important for Gruden is that Norman's play on the field has been high quality.

"I love his competition. I love the way he plays and his passion for the game," Gruden said. "He's an accountable guy. He's here, he works hard, and he plays extremely hard with a lot of passion."

The back-and-forth with Bryant is just the most recent example of Norman's affect on other players. Norman has famously driven Giants WR Odell Beckham to the brink of violence and incited a million pixels on the tense relationship between the two men. Other players, like Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson, have voiced criticism of Norman, unprovoked.


Earlier this week, Norman dismissed all the noise by simply saying, 'trolls and clowns.'

Whether or not Norman needs it, his coach continues to stand up for him. 

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