Josh Norman signed a one-year deal contract with Fox Sports to serve as a NFL commentator throughout the 2016 NFL season.

Norman talked about the decision to plan for life after football with Emily Kaplan of, and believe that he has the perfect personality for TV.

Norman is also aware that it could be a distraction to the team, but he has proven time and time again that he can take care of his business on the field.

There was an interesting tidbit in which Norman stated he had yet to tell head coach Jay Gruden or defensive coordinator Joe Barry.

"I haven’t told Coach [Jay] Gruden or [defensive coordinator Joe] Barry yet, but I’ll give them a nice shout out on TV." 

Shortly after we published our story on the MMQB article, Jeanine Juliano, the head of marketing and public relations for the agency that manages Norman, clarified that the team had been made aware of the move throughout the entirety of the process.

Following training camp on Monday, Gruden was asked about Norman's gig. Gruden had no idea, just like Norman had stated in the MMQB story.

 "That's the first ... I have no idea what you're talking about. Pregame show for what?"

The ‘team’ referenced by Juliano could be referring to the organization – people in the front office – and not necessarily Norman’s direct coaches.


Here's what we do know: Gruden seemed to be unaware.

"Great to know," he said, following the unexpected question.