Jay Gruden on wanting Cowboys to win: 'It's hard to root for Dallas'


The Cowboys could do the Redskins a big favor Monday night by beating the Lions, but for Washington coach Jay Gruden, it still feels funny rooting on Dallas.

In his Monday press conference, Gruden was asked if he would reach out to the Cowboys to leave their starters in for an extended stretch. The 'Skins coach laughed.

"No," Gruden said. "It’s hard to root for Dallas."

Like it or not, the Cowboys beating Detroit would be a big boost for the Redskins playoff hopes. If Dak Prescott and company win, that gives Kirk Cousins and his crew control over their playoff fortunes on New Year's Day against the Giants. 

"It’s fun to watch until the bitter end and see what happens," Gruden said. "I know if Dallas ends up slipping tonight against Detroit, then Detroit has to beat Green Bay, so we’d still have a chance. Regardless of what happens, we have got to take care of the Giants and then when the dust settles, we’ll see where we are."

Gruden is smart to keep his focus on the Giants game, as that is all he can control. Considering the Cowboys have the No. 1 overall seed locked up in the NFC, resting guys tonight might be premature, as they still have a game next week before a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

"I like where we are," Gruden said. "We have a chance in the final game of the season."