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Gibbs, The Hogs and a snorting Casserly: A classic Super Bowl story

Gibbs, The Hogs and a snorting Casserly: A classic Super Bowl story

Any story dealing with one of the Redskins' three Super Bowl victories is a good story, but Charley Casserly told one to CSN on Thursday that qualifies as an exceptional one. 

While speaking to J.P. Finlay on the 25th anniversary of Washington's 37-24 win over the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI, Casserly recalled Joe G.O.A.T.'s — sorry, Joe Gibbs' — speech to the team that was delivered Saturday evening. After hearing the tale, it's easy to see why the Redskins handled the Bills throughout all four quarters.

"The night before the game, Joe Gibbs is going to give his talk to the team, and he starts off the talk — it’s kind of interesting, now — he says, ‘You know, I wish I could be in your position. I wish I could go play in the game.’" Casserly said. "And I’m sitting there thinking, ‘You’ve got two Super Bowl rings. Some of these guys don’t have any.’ But what he’s trying to get, the point he’s trying to make is this is a special moment. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you better cherish what’s happening here. And that was the message he was giving the players."

Good stuff there, sure, but up to this point, fairly standard coachspeak. Fortunately, after that introduction, Gibbs turned the motivation meter up to 11.


"But then he says, ‘I want to show you a video tape.’ And [what was] in that videotape is this: The Buffalo defensive line coach had done an interview, and he kind of mocked The Hogs...‘You know what hogs are? Hogs are smelly, they’re dirty, they’re ugly and then he starts snorting.'"

(An aside: Casserly does a snort of his own right here, and the snort makes watching the video in the player above worth your while all by itself.)

"Well this is the videotape that Joe Gibbs shows the players the night before the game," the former general manager said. "And he shuts it off, doesn’t say a word, [then tells the team], ‘Go to your meetings.’ Now, you look around the room, the eyes were this big, the jaw was set. You gotta remember, these guys had won a couple of Super Bowls, and The Hogs were a legitimate, terrific offensive line."

Disrepecting the Hogs? Well, according to Casserly, the outcome had already been decided.

"That game was over right there," he said. "That was the pregame speech. ‘I wish I could be you,’ turn the video on, and walked away. It's a magical moment, it was a magical team." 

Joe Gibbs is a hero, and we are not worthy.


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Amari Cooper calls Week 2 score against Redskins the 'easiest TD I've ever had'

Amari Cooper calls Week 2 score against Redskins the 'easiest TD I've ever had'

The Redskins defense performed poorly against the Cowboys, but the plan wasn't to give up the easiest touchdown of Amari Cooper's career. 

Still, according to Cooper, that's what happened.

Early in the third quarter of Washington's 31-21 loss to Dallas last Sunday, Cooper grabbed a 10-yard touchdown pass from QB Dak Prescott. The play capped off a nine-play, 75-yard drive for Dallas, and while the catch didn't look hard and Cooper only needed to make one man miss before he scored, it didn't seem quite as easy as the former Alabama star described it either. 

"Boy, that was the the easiest touchdown I've ever had," Cooper said. "I had space. [Defender] wasn't over there."

"I'll take it."

Cooper's comments came from a Cowboys produced video on Twitter with players and coaches mic'd up. You can watch the full video below; Cooper's comments come at about the 3:10 mark.

Whether it was Cooper's easiest score ever or not is debatable, but it does underline an issue for the Redskins secondary through two games: blown coverages. 

The players and coaches have talked about communication issues to open the season, and fans tend to focus on deep pass plays as the prime examples in those situations. 

On Cooper's TD, it seems miscommunication struck the Redskins secondary yet again. 


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Cole Holcomb and Mitchell Trubisky were college roommates. On Monday, they'll be NFL opponents

Cole Holcomb and Mitchell Trubisky were college roommates. On Monday, they'll be NFL opponents

Stopping Mitchell Trubisky on Monday night will be very key for the Redskins in Week 3. Luckily for them, they've got one defender who knows the Bears quarterback quite well.

Rookie linebacker Cole Holcomb, who seized a starting job in the season opener and who's been a major contributor so far, was college roommates with Trubisky at North Carolina for two years. In an interview with the Redskins Talk podcast, Holcomb explained what he learned about the signal caller during that time.

"He's a competitor," Holcomb told JP Finlay. "He hates losing. He's one of those perfectionist people. Maybe if we can rattle him up a little bit, get him nervous back there, we'll be able to make some things happen with him."

Holcomb caught the attention of Redskins coaches early in training camp thanks to his devoted studying habits, so it sounds like he's a perfectionist, too. Even so, the two have made room in their schedules to chirp at one another.

"Yeah, we've been texting all week," Holcomb said. "We've got a group chat with a bunch of the teammates. They're all like, 'Oh, it's Mitch vs. Cole this week. It's Mitch vs. Cole this week. What's going to happen?'"

Hopefully for Washington, what's going to happen is that the Burgundy and Gold will "rattle" Chicago's starter like Holcomb wants to. Through two contests, the Redskins have the second-to-worst pressure rate of any defense in the NFL.

If they can fix that starting Monday, that bodes well for them notching their first win of 2019. If not, on the other hand, then the heat will be turned up even more (if that's even possible) on Holcomb's boss, Greg Manusky, and Manusky's entire unit.

Perhaps Holcomb can have a mid-game reunion with Trubisky in the Bears' backfield and help that cause. Pregame, though, they'll likely catch up, and in that catch-up, Holcomb will probably refer to Trubisky as "Mitch."

But according to Holcomb, shortening his friend's name doesn't work everywhere. It turns out Holcomb picked up something about his ex-roommate's mom as well back at UNC.

"I call him Mitch when it's just me and him," he said. "I don't say it around his mom, though. You say it around his mom, you might get punched."