Joe Theismann – legendary Redskins quarterback and general font of wisdom – was caught off guard when he heard that former Redskin Robert Griffin III had gotten the name of his new girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, tattooed on his arm. 

Keep in mind that the now Browns QB still has a wife. They're in the process of divorcing

Theismann first learned of the ink during an appearance on CBS radio's Brown and Scoop podcast. He tried to remain diplomatic.

“No, I haven’t seen any of that. I knew Robert, and his wife and his daughter when he was [in Washington]. I just found out yesterday that I guess he’s separated. I don’t know anything about putting a tattoo. I always try and warn people when you put a tattoo if it’s a woman and you put a tattoo of a man on your body, or if it’s a man and you put a tattoo of a woman’s name on your body. Probably not the best thing in the world to do at some point in time because if you find another one, she’s not gonna appreciate the other woman tattooed all over your body.”


Not only did Thiesmann win a Super Bowl, but also he's also been married three times. He speaks from a position of experience in both football and matrimony. 

The former quarterback did note that Griffin's tattoo isn't as out of character as it seems. 

“You’re not even divorced yet. If you look at Robert’s history of things occurring in a rapid fashion, that’s the way he’s been.”

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