When Josh Norman walked off the field needing the help of Redskins medical staff in the first half of Sunday's win against the Ravens, it looked like the star cornerback might not be back for some time. After landing with Baltimore wideout Breshad Perriman on top of his right hand, Norman was in obvious pain, writhing on the ground.

"It was excruciating," Norman said. "I was kicking, I couldn't move, like a fricking shot going through your body."

Norman explained that for a brief period of time after the collision, he had trouble moving his hand, though the injury improved with treatment. 

"Finally I was able to get movement in it," he said. "I think it will be fine, will treat it again this week."


The important news for Redskins fans was that Norman was able to come back in the game, and was on the field for Washington in the closing seconds of a tight game. As the $75 million cornerback left the Ravens stadium Sunday night, he had a significant wrap on his right hand and wrist, but no sling. Norman explained he was worried that he had broken a bone in the game, but the results proved different. 

"It's all just right there in that one hand," he said of the pain. "Like a crack in there but that didn't happen to be so thank God for that."


Last week, watching Norman in the Redskins locker room in the days leading up to the Baltimore game it was clear the corner was dealing with a swollen right hand. After the Ravens game, Norman said his hand hasn't been right for a few weeks.

"I've been dealing with it for a while, since the first week of the season," Norman said. 

He explained that the swelling increased after the win over the Browns, a game Norman logged an interception.

"Week 4, last week, I think that's when it had enough, didn't want to go down on me," he said. 

For Norman and the suddenly improving Redskins defense, the biggest question is about availability moving forward. The cornerback is cautiously optimistic.

"It's one of those injuries that I think it will take some time, but then again we got to fight through the obstacles and overcome."