For the bulk of the season, Josh Norman has done exactly what a top-flight cornerback is expected to do: Shut down half the field. On the Redskins defense, that means Norman hasn't been targeted much, limiting his abilities to make game-changing plays.

Against his former team the Panthers on Monday night, Norman wants a different result.

"I hope so," Norman said Thursday when asked if Carolina quarterback Cam Newton would target him more than other QBs in recent weeks.

Norman and Newton have history together, playing for the Panthers for years and often working out in the offseason. The Redskins prized corner explained that Newton's competitiveness will want to test the Washington defender.

"The competitor in him," Norman said. "Well, it’s two things. Cam, the coach tell him no. Cam, the competitor, yes. So I’m looking for that guy. Just like practice."

Norman addressed the media for about 10 minute on Thursday, mostly talking about the Panthers. Perhaps his most interesting soundbite came about playing basketball against Newton in the offseason, presented below from a transcript.

"He knows that I’m a player that gets up for big games in a sense. But, yeah, just look at him, though. Shoot, I’m sure he does the same thing. He gets up for big games. He knows when the spotlight is on and he’s going to try and do his best. But I can go back and take it into any other sense. For him, his cousins, and his brothers – Big Cecil – they like to play me and my brothers on the offseason. He’s like so-called LeBron James of his team and we’re like synchronized swimmers on our team. We run plays and do everything just like we’re coached to do, and we beat their tail every single time. So, little ‘Bron out here but don’t have a team. So it’s kind of hard for him to win if you don’t. So, therefore, I take solace in understanding that we kick butt and we will again this year when we go and play each other this summer."


Whether or not Newton targets Norman on MOnday night, the two will likely get their competitive juices going again next summer on the basketball court. Watch out Big Cecil. 

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