For those of you wondering if this is still a thing, yes, this is still a thing.

Even if Kirk Cousins goes out this season and racks up 6,000 yards of passing to go along with 45 touchdowns, goes 6-0 in the division with an average margin of victory of infinity, and plays so well in the Super Bowl that they rename the Lombardi Trophy the You Like That Trophy, someone, somewhere will not be satisfied, and suggest that Colt McCoy should've been the starter all along.

Take Mike from Arlington, Virginia, as an example. On Monday morning, he called in to the Sports Junkies and claimed that McCoy should take over for Cousins in the near future.

"I like Kirk Cousins, but I don't think Kirk Cousins can get it done," Mike told the Junkies. "I think before six games, before four to six games, I think Colt McCoy's gonna be in at the end. Because I think Colt McCoy, he can get it done. Kirk Cousins, he freezes up once he plays a good team." 

The four radio hosts were understandably a bit incredulous at this suggestion.

"So you're not buying into what he did in the last nine games last year?" Eric Bickel responded. "All the franchise records he set, you're not buying it?"

"No I'm not buying it," Mike said back. "I don't buy that one bit. Look at the teams that they were playing — below .500."


The point that Cousins didn't beat any standout opponents in 2015 is a fair one. And Colt McCoy is certainly a capable quarterback in the NFL, one who can win you a few games in a pinch. 

But to still think that the latter should be playing over the former, after all Cousins did for the Redskins in his first full season as the No. 1 guy, is silly. At least no one's pushing for Nate Sudfeld to get the nod...yet.