Let's make this real simple: Kirk Cousins is not being greedy. Kirk Cousins is being smart. Kirk Cousins is being savvy. But Kirk Cousins is not being greedy. 

A portion of Redskins fans have taken to social media to express their unhappiness with the Redskins quarterback as it appears for the second straight season the organization will be unable to get a long-term deal done with Cousins. A smattering of the chatter:

By this point most folks know the situation: Cousins played last season on a one-year franchise tag that paid him $20 million. He is in position to do the same this season, making $24 million, unless his agent and the Redskins can agree to a multi-year deal by Monday, July 17th.

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The clock is ticking, and there's been very little progress. Barring an unforeseen last minute push to get a deal signed, Cousins will play on the tag.

That will make things very interesting next offseason. Cousins might become a free agent, or the Redskins could tag him again, though the price would be ridiculous. 


Back to the concept of greed: Cousins is involved in a high stakes, major business negotiation. And in the NFL, players don't get fully guaranteed contracts. Football players need to exert as much leverage as possible in these contract talks, and the Cousins camp has every right to do just that.

The truth is last year was the best time for the Redskins to get a deal done with Cousins. It didn't happen, largely because the team wanted to be sure the stellar 2015 season was no fluke. 

Well, it wasn't, and now the organization's decision to use the franchise tag in 2016 is making a long-term deal in 2017 much, much harder. That's not Cousins' fault. 

The quarterback might well want to hit free agency, in 2018 or 2019, and be steering his contract decisions that way. That might not just be possible, but probable, and with each passing day it becomes more likely.


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