The Redskins were down, but with five minutes left, there was still hope. Trailing the Panthers 23-12 in the fourth quarter on Monday Night Football, Kirk Cousins scrambled out of the pocket, looking to make something out of nothing.

As Cousins attempted to get out of bounds after picking up the first down, he was hit from behind by Kawann Short.

Cousins went stumbling out of bounds and ran directly into a cheerleader, who hit the ground hard.

The cheerleader took it like a champ and was back on her feet in no time.

Unfortunately, the Redskins were unable to find the end zone and had to settle for a field goal, making it 23-15.

As it turns out, Jordyn Ashley, the cheerleader in question, was all smiles and even cracked a joke to Kirk Cousins on Instagram following the game.