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Kirk Cousins, Redskins not beating playoff caliber teams

Kirk Cousins, Redskins not beating playoff caliber teams

In the wake of the Redskins season ending loss to the New York Giants on Sunday night, the conversation surrounding this team will quickly move to Kirk Cousins and his contract.

While the 28-year-old quarterback has led Washington the past two seasons, breaking record after record along the way, the team's record against quality opponents is not where Redskins fans want it to be.

Maybe those in opposition to the idea of signing Cousins to a long-term, mega million dollar contract have a point. 

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A popular NFC East Twitter troll, and Philadelphia Eagles beat reporter, Brandon Gowton made it clear to Redskins fans:

Now as a regular starter (2015-16) where he started the entire season, Cousins has a 16-15-1 record if you include the playoffs loss to Green Bay last season. 

Against team's that finished above .500 this season, Cousins and the Redskins were 2-5.

This year though his team played a first-place schedule as a result of the Redskins winning the division, meaning that Washington had to play all the other division champions in 2015; Minnesota, Carolina, and Arizona.

Washington ended up 1-2 against those teams, but combined their record on the season was 21-26-1, none finishing with a winning record. 

When the team made the playoffs in 2015, they were playing a fourth place division schedule, going against Chicago, Tampa Bay, and the then St. Louis Rams. They went 3-0, but the combined record of the three teams was 19-29. Against teams with winning records, they were an abysmal 0-4.

If the Redskins are going to want to continually be in the playoffs, they have to beat other teams that will also be there. Otherwise the team will have to rely on another last-place division finish in order to take advantage of a favorable schedule. 

At least the team is beating a majority of the teams they were supposed to be beating, which is better than many previous Redskins teams. 

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How's the knee? Trent Williams looks beyond ready in workout videos


How's the knee? Trent Williams looks beyond ready in workout videos

Trent Williams went under the knife for his first-ever knee surgery about seven months ago.

Plenty of Redskins fans worried that the Pro Bowl left tackle might not be ready to go when the 2018 season starts.

Worry no more. 

Yes, that is Williams working out with veteran running back Adrian Peterson. And by the looks of it, Williams' knee looks just fine. 

Williams tore his right patella tendon last fall, but continued to play through the pain while the Redskins chances of a playoff bid remained. Once that window got firmly closed after an ugly Thursday night loss in Dallas, Williams contemplated sitting out, but other injuries on the line had already decimated the Redskins. Eventually, Williams shut down his season after a blowout loss in Los Angeles to open December. 

This offseason, Williams got the knee repaired. Washington coach Jay Gruden said repeatedly during the offseason that he expected Williams ready to go for training camp, and the workout videos suggest that to be the case.

This is great news for the Redskins offense, and for new quarterback Alex Smith. Expect Washington to be cautious with Williams, particularly in the early going of training camp in Richmond, but like Trent tweeted, "the walk says it all."



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Ranking the 2018 Redskins Roster: Revealing 31-53

Various sources

Ranking the 2018 Redskins Roster: Revealing 31-53

At, we projected the Redskins’ 53-man roster (offensedefense) right after minicamp.

Now we are taking it one step further and ranking the 53 players we think will make the team.

The rankings are determined by who we think will have the most impact on the 2018 Redskins.

No consideration was given for past performance or for what a particular player might do down the road. We’ll be revealing the rankings between now and the start of training camp. 


Today we’re starting up the list with the players we ranked from 31-53, Here are some of the players in our latest update:

— Seven of the team’s draft picks, including the pick they made last week.     

— All three specialists.

— The team’s leading rusher from 2017.