Without Kirk Cousins' right arm, the 2016/17 Redskins season would not have been anywhere close to as successful as it was. 

However, when looking back at what proved to be an interception that ended his team's playoff hopes against the Giants on Sunday, Cousins expressed regret that he chose to use that arm responsible for so many clutch throws during the year instead of his legs.

"I think in hindsight the move would have been to run on the play I threw the interception, just keep climbing and run," he said in his postgame press conference. "There was nobody for me in man coverage and just running there may have put us in field goal range in and of itself."


Cousins and Jay Gruden both said they thought that Pierre Garçon was open on that play, and the head coach said Cousins had pulled off similar difficult throws like that plenty of times before. But in the quarterback's mind, there was one small mechanics issue that made the difference between a completion and a pick.

"I didn't get my shoulder closed enough to where I could make that throw accurately, and so the ball was behind [Garçon] and the corner made a nice play," Cousins said.

Unfortunately for No. 8, he won't have a chance to redeem himself for months, and that's going to sting. It sounds like he's going to try and use that pain to propel him to better things in the future, though.


"Tough times don't last, tough people do," he said. "All I know is it's going to give me an edge. I'm going to go into this offseason with a hunger that has always been there, but certainly when the season ends this way it will be there and it will be strong."

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