Probably the most famous Redskins fan in the world, Matthew McConaughey shared his feelings on the team's upcoming contract talks with quarterback Kirk Cousins while a guest on The Rich Eisen Show.

"Let’s sign him. Let’s do it,” McConaughey said. "I’ve seen enough. Let’s do it."

McConaughey has a point. Last season, Cousins caught fire in the second half and led the 'Skins to an NFC East title, breaking numerous franchise passing records. This season, Cousins will likely break his own records, as he has already amassed 4,045 yards in just 13 games. 

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GM Scot McCloughan and Cousins' camp were unable to reach a deal last offseason, and the quarterback is playing this year on a one-year, $19.9 million franchise tag. Reports showed that the Washington brass did not offer much more than the franchise tag would offer in guaranteed money for a longer-term deal in negotations, but odds are, that number will skyrocket in the next round of negotiations. 

As the seasons progresses and Cousins and the Redskins push for a second straight playoff appearance, it's becoming harder and harder to imagine the franchise letting Cousins walk. That said, Cousins' contract will likely exceed $100 million, and perhaps $120 million, giving any GM and front office pause. 

Still, McConaughey believes the 'Skins should pay their quarterback, and that the team is moving in the right direction.


"I'm happy with where we are and where we're going," the movie star said. "Are we a good draft year away? Maybe."

Talking about football, McConaughey is not just a pretty face. He revealed in the interview that his father played for the University of Houston and the Green Bay Packers for a season, and he is a noted Texas Longhorns fan as well. 

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Spotted at FedEx Field earlier this season before a game, the Oscar winner keeps close tab on the Skins, going so far as to compliment the work of Jay Gruden and rookie running back Robert Kelley. Told of Kelley's nickname, 'Fat Rob,' McConaughey laughed.

"I like it," he said of Fat Rob. "I'll look into that."

Yes, he's a movie star, a millionaire, and one of the cooler actors in his generation. But at the same time, he sounds like most other Redskins fans when he talks about the postseason and his encouragement with the direction of the franchise. 

"It would be wonderful to make the playoffs."

Watch the full clip here:

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