Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting that Jim Mora the younger (he has a different middle name than his father of, "Playoffs?! Playoffs??!!" fame so he is not Mora Jr.) has withdrawn his name from consideration for the head coaching job with the Redskins.

There was talk, including some from Schefter himself, that Mora was a serious candidate for the job. The Washington Post's "Tracker" has Mora as the second-leading candidate behind Gregg Williams with his prospects rated from very warm to hot.

This is as of about 4:30 on Friday afternoon as Schefter's report just hit the wires, so obviously this will change.

Mora's withdrawal could mean that Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren is going to call it a career and Mora wants to ascend into that job. In any case, it does seem rather odd for him to pull out before even being offered the job.

There is speculation that the interview process is over, at least in terms of initial conversations, and that the selection of the Skins' next coach will be announced sometime early next week. That's informed speculation, but it's speculation nonetheless. Dan Snyder has kept a very tight lid on this search. In a city that thrives on leaks, this process is still surrounded in mystery. I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA and NSA got in touch with Snyder after this is over to see how he did it.