While the Redskins front office was splintering apart a few weeks ago, quarterback Nate Sudfeld was on a different continent checking on things he had helped put together.

The second-year player was in the middle of his third trip to Uganda, working with a humanitarian group and doing things such as running a sports camp while also visiting a house he once assisted in building. Therefore, as he told JP Finlay in a #RedskinsTalk podcast, the news that the team had fired Scot McCloughan caught him off guard.

"I didn't really see it coming," Sudfeld said. "Maybe some people did. I don't really keep up with reading stuff very much, but I was pretty surprised."

The franchise dismissed the general manager on March 10. Since then, aside from a few free agent signings, things have mostly been quiet as both sides look to move on.


Sudfeld, meanwhile, is happy with simply focusing on his job while also remembering the very important role McCloughan played in the start of his career.

"I mean, I'm not the one up there in the front offices," he said. "I don't know what's really going on so I just try to do what I can do. But I am very thankful to Scot for giving me the opportunity and drafting me, and I wish him well."


The former Indiana passer was a sixth-round selection in last April's draft, and while some reports have since questioned how much power McCloughan truly had in decision-making, it is fair to label Sudfeld as a McCloughan pick. With that in mind, while McCloughan's two-year tenure in D.C. was up-and-down and came to an abrupt end, Sudfeld's feelings about the talent evaluator are simple.

"Nothing but love for Scot," he said. "I hope he does really well in the future."

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