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Need to Know: Could the Redskins’ draft be an indicator of Morgan Moses’ long-term future?

Need to Know: Could the Redskins’ draft be an indicator of Morgan Moses’ long-term future?

Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, April 18, nine days before the April 27 NFL draft.


Days until:

—Redskins rookie camp (5/12) 24
—Redskins OTAs start (5/24) 36
—Training camp starts (7/27) 100
—First Sunday of 2017 season (9/10) 145

Could the Redskins’ draft indicate Morgan Moses’ long-term future?

Very early in the offseason there was buzz that the Redskins and Morgan Moses were talking about a contract extension. As the starting right tackle has completed three years of his rookie deal he is now eligible for a new one. There hasn’t been much talk since but there is plenty of time to get one done before the season starts. New contracts for Ryan Kerrigan and Trent Williams were completed in August the season before each would have been a free agent.

We might get an indication of how well any extension talks are going in the draft. If the Redskins take an offensive tackle early that may be an indication that talks with Moses are not going well. They could be in search of a possibly replacement for Moses who could take over in 2018. If they take one sometime late on Saturday or bypass the position altogether that could be a sign that talks are going well and it is just a matter of time before a deal is done.

The Redskins do have enough cap space to get a deal done. They currently stand at $8.1 million in available space. They will need a couple of million dollars to sign their draft picks (details on that coming in the next day or two) but they will recoup when they complete negotiations with DeAngelo Hall for a new deal that will lower his $4.25 million salary.

They will be able to craft an extension for Morgan, who should get a deal with an average annual value of $6-$7 million, so that it costs only about $1.5 million more than the $1.97 million he already counts against the cap.

Moses is one of four 2014 draft picks who are eligible for extensions. Spencer Long is another prime candidate, although the team might want him to have more than one year as the starting center under his belt before committing to him long term.

I get the sense that even if the Redskins wanted to work out new deals with Trent Murphy and Bashaud Breeland, both players would rather wait. Both could substantially increase their potential earnings by having good seasons while playing premium positions.

But it’s worth keeping an eye out for extensions for all four players. The organization does a good job of keeping these talks under wraps. The news of extensions for Kerrigan, Williams, and Jordan Reed all came without warning so new deals for the others could spring up at any time.

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As Redskins offense continues to struggle, Jay Gruden reveals 'the curse'

USA TODAY Sports Images

As Redskins offense continues to struggle, Jay Gruden reveals 'the curse'

The Redskins average fewer than 20 points-per-game. The Redskins rank 27th in the NFL in yards-per-game. The stats are bad for the Washington offense, and watching the games, it makes sense. 

For a Jay Gruden team, it's odd that the Redskins can't move the ball. Even when Alex Smith was healthy at quarterback, the offense still struggled. 

Watching the games all season, the offense has often been ugly. On Wednesday, Gruden revealed what he believes to be the root cause for the problems. 

"The big thing is we have way, way too many negative runs. Negative runs have been the death, that and penalties, both of those two things have been the curse of this offense and that kills our drives, that kills our momentum, that kills our ability to call plays, keeping everything open in the playbook," Gruden said. 

The coach isn't wrong. 

The Redskins have 24 false start penalties in 13 games, 2nd in the NFL. The Redskins have 27 offensive holding penalties, the most in the NFL. 

Penalties have been a persistent problem all season, as have the negative runs. 

Using data from the NFL, the Redskins have 19 negative rushes when they run to the right. That's tied for the worst in the league. The Redskins have another 26 negative runs to the center or left of the offensive line. 

Teams can't win when they don't run the football, and the Redskins can't run the football with their current penalty problems and negative plays. 

"When you have second and 18, and third and 15, your playbook goes down," Gruden said. "When you're first and 10, second and six and third and two, everything is open and we haven’t had that luxury."


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Las Vegas announced as official 2020 NFL Draft location

USA Today Sports Images

Las Vegas announced as official 2020 NFL Draft location

DALLAS -- The NFL draft is heading to Las Vegas for 2020.

It almost certainly will arrive before the Raiders do.

"We believe the draft will be the kickoff to our inaugural season," said Raiders owner Mark Davis, who is moving the team from Oakland.

The league announced Wednesday at an owners meeting that the city where the Raiders will begin play in September 2020 will host the draft that April.

"Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and will provide a tremendous experience for the NFL and its fans," Davis added.

The NFL began to bring the draft to different cities in 2015, when it was in Chicago. It was held there in 2016, too, then went to Philadelphia in 2017. Last April, the Cowboys hosted it in their stadium in Arlington, Texas, and next year it will be in Nashville.

Other cities in the running for 2020 were Kansas City and Cleveland, which was partnering with the Pro Football Hall of Fame in nearby Canton, Ohio.

"We remain committed to hosting an NFL draft in Northeast Ohio and will continue to work closely with the NFL to identify the ideal opportunity for our fans, our city and the league," the Browns said in a statement.

"There are many teams and cities across the NFL who are capable of creating an exceptional draft experience for fans, including the Titans and Raiders, and we are still hopeful we may ultimately share that honor in the future."

April 23-25 will be the dates for the Las Vegas draft.

"The events in the draft are going to take place on and around the Las Vegas Strip," said Peter O'Reilly, the league's senior vice president of events. "We'll take advantage of some of the large spaces around the Strip as well as some of the iconic locations that will provide an incredible backdrop for the draft. We're certainly highlighting the Raiders' new stadium that will be just months away from occupying starting the 2020 season."