Here is what you need to know on this Friday, March 3, 6 days before the March 9 start of NFL free agency.  


Days until:

—Redskins offseason workouts start (4/17) 45
—NFL Draft (4/27) 55
—Franchise tag contract deadline (7/15) 134
—First Sunday of 2017 season (9/10) 191

A quarterback in the first round?

The Redskins made an initial contract offer to Kirk Cousins and it appears that they have a long way to go before will be able to get a deal done. In fact, they need to be prepared for the possibility that they won’t get a deal done and he will be gone in 2018. Life without Kirk Cousins may become a reality.

One NFL analyst thinks that the Redskins may begin to prepare for the possible departure of Cousins when the draft comes around. In fact, he thinks that they will do so very early in the April 27 draft.

Bucky Brooks of has just posted a mock draft. With the No. 17 pick he has the Redskins taking North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky. His comment:

“If the Redskins can't get Kirk Cousins signed to a long-term deal, they could opt to take a young QB to serve as an apprentice until he is ready for the starting job in 2018.”

Let’s set aside the choice of QB for a moment. It’s a pretty simple concept, right? Instead of waiting until your quarterback is gone, you prepare for the inevitable by drafting your 2018 starter and giving him a season under his belt in 2017.


You could argue that the team has a lot of needs and that one of those should be address rather than taking a player who may not take a snap in 2017. Last year they took Josh Doctson in the first round and the wide receiver played in just two games and was shut down due to a persistent Achilles issue. Having a scenario where the first-round pick contributes little for a second straight year would hamper the team’s progress.

But if you don’t have a quarterback you don’t have anything. If the Redskins have a chance get someone who they believe can be a quality starter they almost have to take it.

If they do go in that direction, is Trubisky the right guy? He had an impressive 2016 season, completing 68 percent of his passes with 30 touchdowns and six interceptions. He looks the part, and the official measurements at the combine proved that he is actually 6-2. But last year was his only season as a starter so there isn’t not a lot to go on.

The name, however, is not important. You could fill in Deshaun Watson or DeShone Kizer or another quarterback you think is better and it’s the same idea.

I’m not saying that the will draft a quarterback in the first round. But if negotiations with Cousins aren’t going well when the draft rolls around they should seriously consider it.

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