Here is what you need to know on this Friday, July 7, 20 days before the Washington Redskins start training camp in Richmond on July 27.


The Redskins last played a game 187 days ago; they will open the 2017 season against the Eagles at FedEx Field in 65 days.

Days until:

—Franchise tag contract deadline (7/17) 10
—Preseason opener @ Ravens (8/10) 34
—Roster cut to 53 (9/2) 57

The Redskins with the five highest weekly paychecks in 2017

NFL players get their salaries paid to them during the regular season in 17 weekly installments. Here are the five top paychecks players will receive this year (note that this does not include any signing bonuses or workout bonuses).

QB Kirk Cousins, $1.41 million gross pay per week—This is the nature of the franchise tag salary; the $23,943,600 salary is paid out weekly; there is no signing bonus to help ease the cap hit.

CB Josh Norman, $970,588—This is the peak salary for Norman during the course of his five-year, $75 million contract. It also is the last of his fully guaranteed money from that deal. The $13.5 million salary guarantee for next year does not kick in unless he is still on the roster in March.

OT Trent Williams, $661,764—You need the guy who helps keep your very expensive quarterback on the field so Williams is well compensated for watching Cousins' blindside.

OLB Ryan Kerrigan, $485,294—You don’t have to worry about Kerrigan becoming one of the players who ends up in bankruptcy court a few years after he retires. You still can spot his black domestic SUV, the one he bought with one of his first paychecks, in players parking lot at Redskins Park, parked amidst the Bentleys and Land Rovers.


G Shawn Lauvao, $235,294—This is where weekly salaries are slightly misleading when looking at compensation. Lauvao actually has the eighth-highest cap hit on the team but due to the structure the deals his weekly salary comes in fifth.

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