Here is what you need to know on this Friday, May 5, 19 days before the Redskins start OTAs on May 24.


It’s been 124 days since the Redskins played a game. Their season opener against the Eagles at FedEx Field is in 128 days.

Days until:

—Redskins rookie camp (5/12) 7
—Redskins OTAs start (5/24) 19
—Training camp starts (7/27) 83

How many wins for the 2017 Redskins?

Veteran free agency is just about done, the draft is over, and the first wave of undrafted free agents has been signed. Almost all the players who are going to be on the Week 1 roster are in the building. It’s time to break out the $100 in imaginary and bet on what the Redskins’ 2017 win total will be.

0-6 wins, $10—This is double-digit loss territory. Barring a catastrophic string of injuries, I don’t see this team falling off that badly, even with a moderately tough schedule.

7-8 wins, $30—The most recent over-under for wins I saw from Vegas was 7.5, so this is in that territory. They probably have seven wins baked in. They should split the six games in the division and be favorites against the 49ers, both Los Angeles teams, and the Vikings at home.

9-10 wins, $40—This is where the Redskins can get to if their red-zone offense and third-down defense improve to somewhere around average in the league. They would need to win some tough but winnable home games like the ones against the Raiders and Broncos and perhaps pull out a win in New Orleans  


11+ wins, $20—This is not an insignificant bet on a number of wins that could take the division and put the Redskins in contention for a bye. They would need to have a good run of luck, from good health on their end and some key injuries popping up for the stronger opponents on their schedule to an occasional fortuitous bounce of the ball. I’m fairly bullish on this team but they aren’t at the level to get there without a serious help from the football gods.

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Reacting to the news that the Redskins had signed Kansas safety Fish Smithson as a undrafted free agent:

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