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Need to Know: Looking for first-round value for the Redskins

Need to Know: Looking for first-round value for the Redskins

Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, February 8, 29 days before the March 9 start of NFL free agency.  


Days until:

NFL Franchise tag deadline (3/1) 21
Redskins offseason workouts start (4/17) 68
—NFL Draft (4/27) 78
First Sunday of 2017 season (9/10) 214

Looking for value in the draft

Today's question is from my Facebook page.

This is a good theoretical question. One key to the draft is getting value. If you read here regularly you know that I’m not a fan of the Redskins taking Brandon Scherff with the fifth overall pick. You can find a very effective guard later in the draft. That’s water under the bridge and I like Scherff as a player. But if you take too many low-value position players with high draft picks you are going needing to get your high-impact players on the free agent market, where they are very expensive.

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I think you also know that I’m a big proponent of taking the best available player. If there is no way you need the best player on the board you trade down or maybe reach a bit if the grade of a player in a position of need is close. If you reach too far, however, you’re going to end up with a player who can’t help you at all. But for the sake of the question let’s go for need.

I’m going to give you one answer on each side of the ball. Based on value, I would go wide receiver in the first round, assuming DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon leave. Good receivers are hard to find. When teams get them, they hold onto them with extensions or with the franchise tag. If you can get one who is cheap and productive in the middle of the first round you have to think about it. Getting even reasonable production for a contract that will average $2.9 million over four years is great value.

And, no, it doesn’t matter that they went WR in the first round a year ago. Last time I checked, at least two and usually three or more are on the field on each play. If you need one, you need one. And if they top two wide receivers leave, they will need one who can step in and contribute immediately.

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On defense, I would go for a safety. This is not so much value as it is supply and demand. There are very few top-notch safeties coming out of the college ranks these days; the good ones want to move to cornerback, which pays better at the pro level. We’re not talking about quarterback-level shortages here, where if you don’t have one you keep drafting one until you get one. But even if you have a good safety graded as a second-round value, if you pass him over in the first thee is little chance he will be there in the second.

Why not a defensive lineman, the most glaring need on the team? You can get a good DL later on. Among the D-linemen drafted in the second and third rounds in the last 10 years are Calais Campbell, Brandon Mebane, Carlos Dunlap, and Kawaan Short. I also believe that they will make a move or two in free agency that will decrease the urgency to get a DL.

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Don't believe dumb Twitter rumors about the Redskins started by fake accounts

USA Today

Don't believe dumb Twitter rumors about the Redskins started by fake accounts

Don’t believe dumb internet rumors. Start there. 

Sunday night some fake Twitter accounts tweeted that a trade between the Redskins and Lions was very close, a deal that would ship productive WR Marvin Jones from Detroit to Washington in exchange for unproductive former first-round pick WR Josh Doctson.

What is to believe here? Next to nothing.

Jones is under Lions control for two more seasons and makes about $7 million a year. That’s tremendous value for somebody that posted 1,100 yards and nine touchdowns two seasons ago. Doctson has exactly 1,100 yards in his three-year NFL career. 

There is some speculation that Jones could be on the outs in Detroit, mostly because of the hard charging style of head coach Matt Patricia. Jones also missed half of last season with a knee injury and is still working his way back, missing all of Detroit's offseason work.

Even if Jones is on the outs with Patricia, and there are worries about the knee, he would command more in a trade than Doctson, who only has one year left on his contract. 

This is from Detroit Free Press Lions reporter Dave Birkett's mailbag last week: "Jones has two years left on his contract at very reasonable salaries of $6.5 million per season. The Lions would be foolish to move on from him right now. He provides more than most players at his salary, and it’s not like there are suitable replacements out there. Jones spent all spring working with the rehab group and I expect him to have a strong season this fall. I can’t imagine the Lions moving on from him at this point, unless we hit October and they’re struggling to keep their head above water. If that happens, all bets are off."

This also seems like a pertinent time to mention that Washington team president Bruce Allen spent last week in France. 

Allen makes the trades for the Redskins. Allen is the boss. He was out of the country last week, and probably not fielding trade phone calls from Cannes. 

To be fair, there have been conversations inside Redskins Park about moving Doctson for more than a year, including in the weeks leading up to the trading deadline last season. He hasn't been moved, however, and his trade value is probably at an all-time low after Washington decided not to exercise a fifth-year team option on his contract earlier this offseason. 

Could Marvin Jones help the Redskins' receiving group? Absolutely. 

But a trade requires much more than that. 

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9 movies Redskins fans should watch to get ready for the 2019 NFL season


9 movies Redskins fans should watch to get ready for the 2019 NFL season

Redskins training camp doesn't begin until July 25, so you've got some time and need some football content in your life to hold you over.

Luckily, there are plenty of football movies out there, just waiting for you to watch them. But which ones should top your queue?

Here are nine of the best football films you need to throw on, both because they're entertaining and because they'll get you fired up for the 2019 Redskins season.

Friday Night Lights

If you ever find one of these lists and it doesn't include Friday Night Lights, never visit that website again. The game action in this is truly fantastic and just what you need if you're having trouble waiting to see Landon Collins destroy an opposing receiver.

The Replacements

It's not going to be the most amazing piece of cinema you've ever seen, but it offers a chance to see Keanu Reeves do something other than play John Wick, and is loosely based on the Redskins' scabs who came up clutch in the 1987 campaign.

Jerry Maguire

So this one doesn't involve much on-field play. However, it's still a quality drama and features some stellar performances. Plus, one of its signature lines — "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" — might be what Trent Williams is telling the Burgundy and Gold these days, too.

Remember the Titans

Look, it's not the most complex or surprising movie. But Denzel Washington is compelling as usual, it covers an important issue and the cast has some enjoyable chemistry. 

Any Given Sunday

Did this need to be almost as long as a regular season contest? No. With that being said, the cast is loaded as are the cameos, and of course, Al Pacino's speech is a smash hit. 

The Blind Side

The Blind Side has a little bit of everything, from comedy to drama to some tear-jerking moments. Sandra Bullock leads you through it all by turning in a heck of a few hours portraying Leigh Anne Tuohy, and she later won an Academy Award because of her work.


Yes, Washington supporters will have to stomach seeing a lot of Eagles uniforms, yet this movie about Vince Papale miraculously making Philadelphia's roster is worth it. And you can follow it up with It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Invincible-inspired episode.


You may not know this one, but you should. It's documentary-style and follows a high school football team in Memphis as they try to navigate the ups and downs of a season and of their academic and personal lives. It's superb. 

Draft Day

It's flawed in places, but Draft Day is better than many think it is. Also, it'll allow you to reflect on what looks like a very promising 2019 Redskins draft class, an activity that'll always be fun.