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Need to Know: Redskins best- and worst-case scenarios—Offense

Need to Know: Redskins best- and worst-case scenarios—Offense

Here is what you need to know on this Friday, May 12, 12 days before the Redskins start OTAs on May 24.


It’s been 131 days since the Redskins played a game. Their season opener against the Eagles at FedEx Field is in 121 days.

Days until:

—Redskins OTAs start (5/24) 12
—Training camp starts (7/27) 76
—Preseason opener @ Ravens (8/10) 90

Best- and worst-case scenarios--Offense

Here is a look at realistic best- and worst case scenarios for Redskins on offense:

QB Kirk Cousins

Best: 5,100 yards, 35 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, 8.2 yards/attempt

Worst: 4,500 years, 23 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, 7.5 yards/attempt

The Redskins didn’t draft a workhorse running back so they are likely to be a pass-first offense. That will mean plenty of pass attempts and chances to rack up yardage for Cousins. Actually, the lower end might be a better sign of team success because that could mean that the defense is playing better and the offense isn’t under the gun to score every possession.

WR Terrelle Pryor

Best: 80 receptions, 1,200 yards, 8 TD

Worst: 60 receptions, 850 yards, 4 TD

How quickly can Pryor get in sync with Cousins? And how much of a leap will he take in his second year as a full-time wide receiver? Higher numbers for Pryor may not be good news as it could mean that second-year receiver Josh Doctson is struggling.

WR Jamison Crowder

Best: 90 receptions, 1,050 yards, 9 TD

Worst: 70 receptions, 850 yards, 5 TD

Crowder’s stats improved from his first to his second years. If improves at the same pace he’ll hit the best case. If he levels off at his 2016 performance, that’s the worst case.  

TE Jordan Reed

Best: 100 receptions, 1,000 yards, 10 TD

Worst: 60 receptions, 650 yards, 3 TD

The major variable with Reed is health. The best case assumes that Reed will play in 14 games and is healthy enough to be at peak productivity in all of them. On the other end, he misses about half a dozen games and is hampered in a couple more.

RB Rob Kelley

Best: 1,100 yards, 10 TD

Worst: 550 yards, 3 TD

Does Kelley hold on to his spot as the lead dog at running back? Or does Samaje Perine substantially cut into his carries? It might come down to if Kelley can be the hot hand often enough.

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Cris Collinsworth tells Redskins fan Dale Earnhardt. Jr. how the team can create leverage with No. 2 pick

Cris Collinsworth tells Redskins fan Dale Earnhardt. Jr. how the team can create leverage with No. 2 pick

If there was a Mount Rushmore for celebrity Redskins fans, Dale Earnhardt Jr. would certainly make the list.

And he, like every other Redskins fan, is wondering what the team will do with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

On Wednesday, the semi-retired NASCAR driver joined NBC Sports' Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth on an edition of Lunch Talk Live, where Earnhardt was able to ask Collinsworth a bunch of hard-hitting questions regarding Ohio State's Chase Young and Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa that many fans would like to know.

The driver first asked Collinsworth if the talk about the Redskins potentially moving back in the draft to acquire multiple picks is legitimate, and the Sunday Night Football broadcaster told Earnhardt he believes it is.

"Yeah, I think so. If you want Tua, you have to jump up there somewhere," Collinsworth said. "So a lot of people are assuming it's Detroit that they're going to make that trade with. If I'm the Redskins, I would be telling everybody I know how much I love Tua. Because if they want to make that deal, I want them coming up and making that deal with me."


Collinsworth went on to explain that even if the Redskins do want to take Young, they should continue to make teams believe that they're at least semi-interested in drafting Tagovailoa. Otherwise, QB-needy teams will try to strike a deal with the Lions at No. 3 first, knowing they probably won't have to give up as much compensation in return.

Earnhardt then asked whether the Redskins should even consider trading back if the opportunity presents itself, as Young may be too talented of a prospect to pass up.

"I think the Chase Young question is a big one, too," Collinsworth said. "Is he really one of those Lawrence Taylor, generational pass rusher kind of guys? Because you're going to feel awfully stupid if you trade him out. Conceivably, you could even trade back to four or five, depending on how the rest of the draft ends up going, and still have a chance [at Chase Young]."

Collinsworth explained that the Lions really need a cornerback, and there will likely be a very solid one on the board at No. 3 with Ohio State's Jeff Okudah. At No. 4, the New York Giants could also take an offensive lineman, as they have a gaping hole at left tackle.

So, if a quarterback-needy team like the Miami Dolphins at No. 5 of Los Angeles Chargers at No. 6 comes calling, there could conceivably still be a chance the Redskins trade back and land Young.

"Could Chase Young fall? Could you still get him at five?" Collinsworth asked. "That's what makes it fun. Nobody knows what's going to come out of this thing."


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, teams have been unable to bring in prospects to their own facilities. That means no individual workouts, no in-person interviews, and no team doctors have not been able to examine players. The last part is extremely crucial for Tagovailoa, as he's continuing to recover from a dislocated hip injury he suffered in November.

The former Alabama QB claims to be 100 percent healthy, but no team doctors have been able to confirm that due to the circumstances.

"How do you know?" Collinsworth said on Tua's health. "It's even worse this year because they can't get him on campus and have their own doctors take a look at him. So it adds to the intrigue."

Collinsworth also brought up the Redskins second-year passer Dwayne Haskins and thinks it's far too early for the Redskins to give up on him.

"You have Dwayne Haskins, who was good last year," Collinsworth said. "He had his moments. If you compare him to the other rookie quarterbacks, he was right in there. It's going to take a little while for him to get up and running."

To conclude the interview, Earnhardt asked Collinsworth that if the draft happened today, what he thinks would happen. His response should please many of the Redskins fans pleading to stay at No. 2.

"If I had to bet my house today, I would guess Chase Young goes to Washington," Collinsworth said.

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Redskins to host virtual party for 2020 NFL Draft

Redskins to host virtual party for 2020 NFL Draft

The Washington Redskins are inviting fans to join their virtual draft experience from April 23-25, which includes a virtual party in lieu of the standard in-person event.

The decision to move to this format is in accordance with social distancing guidelines, as it will allow fans to join the draft experience while staying safe at home. 

The Redskins virtual experience will feature live draft coverage and analysis on the first two days of the NFL Draft, leading up to the draft party on the third day.

The draft party on April 25 will be streamed on the Redskins’ social media channels and will include interviews with coaches, players and celebrity fans. There will also be fan giveaways. 

“We hope the NFL Draft will be a source of joy and excitement for fans who welcome some distraction during these extremely challenging times,” said head coach Ron Rivera. “The Virtual Draft Party is meant to be a celebration that will create a sense of unity for Redskins fans as we continue this fight together, while understanding we have a responsibility to do the right thing by not celebrating together physically.”

Some of the special guests due to make an appearance are Rivera, Redskins VP of player personnel Kyle Smith, and quarterback Dwaye Haskins. 

Registration is free for all fans at


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