Here is what you need to know on this Saturday, February 18, 19 days before the March 9 start of NFL free agency.  


Days until:

NFL Franchise tag deadline (3/1) 11
—Redskins offseason workouts start (4/17) 58
—NFL Draft (4/27) 68
—First Sunday of 2017 season (9/10) 204

The Redskins week that was

A look back a some of the most popular Redskins posts of the past week from and

Dysfunction at Redskins Park? Spoiler: No, there isn’t. It’s what happens when a season ends with a thud like the Redskins’ 2016 season did. There will be plenty of disagreement over how to proceed to push the team back into the playoffs. The one thing that is odd is the media blackout that Bruce Allen has imposed on Scot McCloughan. But if that is the worst of their problems that is not bad.

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Don't expect Redskins to offer top market price to Cousins What is the holdup in the Redskins-Kirk Cousins contract negotiations? As always, it’s money. And from what Andrew Brandt said in this article, he doesn’t think that the Redskins will offer money that is in the top of the quarterback market. The former agent and Packers executive is not basing this on any inside information and it’s just his informed read of the situation. But if he’s right it will be tough for the Redskins to come to an agreement with their quarterback. The one thing to keep in mind is that the situation is fluid and things can change in the proverbial New York minute.


How many defensive lineman do the Redskins need? There is no question of what the Redskins’ top need is. Clearly, this is it. The only question is how many they need and how they should obtain them.

Five Redskins who can boost Scot McCloughan's approval rating It’s clear that it wasn’t a good year for many players obtained by McCloughan. The 2016 draft class has many question marks and free agent acquisitions Stephen Paea, Kendall Reyes, and David Bruton were busts that not only cost cap money but their failures left the Redskins without solutions in key problem areas. Fortunately, there are some players already on the roster who can take a step up and improve to make up for the inevitable missteps.

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Redskins can't count on free agency to improve Bottom line, it’s a bad year to have over $65 million in cap space. The pool of impact players is thin and it will get thinner as teams slap the franchise tag on some of their stars and sign others to contract extensions prior to the March 9 start of free agency. The other side of the coin is that there is a lot of money chasing after those free agents. If the Redskins franchise tag Kirk Cousins they will have around $40 million in cap space; nearly half of the league will have more. They will be doing well if they can plug a hole or two and retain some of their own free agents.

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