Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, March 1, 1 day before the start of the NFL Combine.  


Days until:

—Start of NFL free agency (3/9) 8
—Redskins offseason workouts start (4/17) 47
—NFL Draft (4/27) 57
—First Sunday of 2017 season (9/10) 193

What happens to Cousins next?

The exclusive franchise tag has been applied to Kirk Cousins but that is only the beginning of the process. What happens now? Let’s get out the $100 in imaginary casino chips and set the odds.

Cousins plays the season on the tag, $60 He seems to want to do this despite the risks involved. It would virtually guarantee that he could never get tagged again and that he would be a true free agent in 2018. Unfettered free agency is rare for a competent quarterback in his prime and Cousins could command a record-shattering contract.

Cousins signs a long-term deal worth more than $24.6 million per year, $10 The $24.6 million is “Andrew Luck money”, the average annual value of the extension the Colts’ quarterback got last year. This could be Cousins’ goal, based on the one-year $24 million franchise tag salary. I think the Redskins will balk at going that high but desperate times lead to desperate measures.

Cousins signs a long-term deal for less that “Luck money”, $20 I think that the Redskins’ comfort zone for a long-term deal isn’t a whole lot higher than $22 million. That may be lower than Cousins’ camp wants to go but maybe they could compromise somewhere in the $22.5-$23 million neighborhood.


Cousins gets traded, $10 Earlier today I would have put more on this possibility, maybe as much as $25. But the exclusive tag puts a damper on the trade speculation even though it’s very much a live possibility. Within this proposition I’ll put $85 on the 49ers and $15 on the field.

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