Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, March 21, 37 days before the April 27 NFL draft.


Days until:

—Offseason workouts begin (4/17) 27
—Redskins rookie camp (5/12) 52
—Redskins OTAs start (5/24) 64
—Franchise tag contract deadline (7/15) 116
—First Sunday of 2017 season (9/10) 173

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I know that Scot McCloughan didn’t go with the “gee, wiz, that guy’s fast I’ve got to take him” school of drafting. I don’t think that Jay Gruden or Bruce Allen will, either. Look at his production. Yes, 81 receptions for 1,150 yards as a senior is somewhat impressive but when you do the math that’s a pedestrian 14.2 yards per attempt. Going into last year he had 33 career receptions. He missed his junior season with a knee injury so there is some concern there. The bottom line is that someone from the “that guy’s fast” school of drafting will snatch him up before pick 17 so this is unlikely to be a decision the Redskins will have to make.


I have not heard of the Redskins having specific interest in Giants DT Johnathan Hankins. However, that could be because of his asking price, which is reported to be in the vicinity of $10 million per year. And unless those contract expectations come down, perhaps substantially, there really is no point in talking to him. Why bring him in, take him out to dinner, show him around the facility, and talk about what his role in the defense would be if there is a gap of millions of dollars per year when they talk contract? The Redskins likely would be interested in Hankins at the right price but it remains to be seen if he will come down to that level.

Tough to say if that is categorically true. It would make sense for them to do so but for them to get maximum value for Cousins he would have to agree to a long-term contract with a new team. The 49ers are reported to be the only team that Cousins will sign with long term. If they don’t want to deal the Redskins probably would be better off just keeping Cousins since another team won’t give them much for a QB on a one-year, $24 million deal. In short, a lot of moving parts would have to align for a deal to happen so Washington could have the desire to deal but without an acceptable trade on the table.

One more on Cousins, quickly. There is no deadline for the Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr to sign their deals. Cousins must sign by July 15. I don’t see either of the other QB’s agents being in any hurry to sign before mid-July. Simply put, if they do a deal and Cousins gets more a few weeks later the agents look bad. They might as well hold off until a Cousins deal either is done or can’t be done.

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The NFL is considering shortening overtime in the regular season and preseason to 10 minutes.

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