Never say never: How the door remains ajar for a Tony Romo un-retirement


For some Redskins fans, this day couldn't come soon enough. 

Tony Romo announced his retirement from the Cowboys on Tuesday, surprising many that expected the former Dallas passer to land with another team in one last attempt at a Super Bowl.

Plenty of speculation pointed towards Romo landing with the Texans, a team with a strong defense coming off repeated playoff visits. Romo in Houston made a lot of sense on a lot of levels, but as of now, don't expect to see No. 9 back in the NFL.

"Houston was at the top of the list of teams," he said on a conference call with reporters

CBS announced that Romo will pair with Jim Nantz as the network's top broadcast team, an esteemed position. In a conference call with reporters Romo explained that the decision was tough, but ultimately choosing television over football made more sense for his family.

"Family’s as important to me as anything."


Pressed if he would play again, Romo said "there’s no part of me that wants to play." He explained that "I don’t envision coming out. Absolutely not."

All of that said, Romo uttered the three words that fans in Houston likely wanted to hear. 

"Never say never."

Again, Romo sounded like a guy that had seriously considered his options and decided to quit football. 


So did Brett Favre. 

So did Cris Carter. 

This situation is unique, however, in that the specter of injury looms large for Romo.

His back has suffered repeated significant injuries, and as far as quality of life goes, major back injuries danger the most mundane of life tasks. 

One more big hit or mistimed run could spell doom for Romo, and that is likely major, major factor in his retirement.

Then there is his relationship with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Romo playing in Houston would be bad news for Jones, and it's possible the two men discussed that in some capacity. 

It seems Romo is done playing football. It sure seems like it. 

Then again, never say never.