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New Redskins stadium among proposals for RFK site


New Redskins stadium among proposals for RFK site

The Redskins might have a site for their planned new stadium offered to them, but they will need to answer the phone first.

A new 65,000-seat football stadium is among the possibilities that Events DC, the sports and entertainment arm of the D.C. government, is considering for the land on which RFK Stadium, the Redskins’ former home, and the DC Armory currently sit.

Events DC will present ideas for six possible uses for the land at a meeting tonight. Two of the six would involve a new stadium for the Redskins. Another possibility is an arena that would replace the Verizon Center as the home of the Wizards and Capitals. According to the Washington Post, other projects being considered include “playing fields, a field house, a water park and a sports-and-entertainment complex that officials likened to Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.”

A stadium or basketball/hockey arena probably wouldn't open for at least another decade. The Redskins, Wizards, and Caps all have leases in their current facilities that expire in 2027. 

The site has long been considered by many to be an ideal spot for a new football stadium, with a Metro stop already is service and a location that makes for easy access by automobile from points all around the metropolitan area.

In addition, stadium concept plans recently unveiled by Dutch architecture firm Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG) show an area around the stadium that can be used year round, including a moat around the stadium. Such a design could allay objections, voiced by residents of the area surrounding the stadium, to using the land to construct a building that would be used just 10 times a year.

But neighborhood opposition will remain and that is just one of several daunting obstacles that stand in the way of the Redskins once again playing in a stadium on the banks of the Anacostia River.

The first thing that has to happen is that the Redskins have to answer the phone when it rings with a 202 area code. According to the article in the Post the Redskins have not returned phone calls from Events DC. That is an important first step in the process.

Other issues that could keep a stadium at the site from becoming a reality are money—the Redskins and the NFL would contribute to the cost, which likely will be over $1 billion, but a good chunk of government money will be needed—and the name of the team. Mayor Muriel Bowser has expressed opposition to the name and any financial contributions that DC makes could be made contingent on the team changing the name. In addition, the U. S. Congress would have to approve an extension of the District’s lease on the land and it’s possible that any such approval will have a name-change string attached to it. 

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Landon Collins: 'You never know what kind of Kirk Cousins you're getting'

Landon Collins: 'You never know what kind of Kirk Cousins you're getting'

Kirk Cousins started 57 games during six seasons with the Redskins and, well, um, it's hard to come up with one word to describe his time in Washington. 

There were certainly highs, none higher than the hot streak Cousins went on late in 2015 to capture an NFC East title. The Redskins closed that season on a four-game win streak where Cousins threw 12 touchdowns against just one interception. 

There were also lows. In Week 17 of 2016, the Redskins needed a win in the season finale to get in the playoffs while the Giants had already clinched the NFC East title. The Redskins had everything to play for, the Giants ended up resting a number of their starters. Still, the Redskins lost, and Cousins threw a dagger interception late in the game to seal their fate. For the game, Cousins finished with 287 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions, but the pick to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was the season killer. 

The point here is not to drag Cousins. He was the most durable and most stable quarterback the Redskins have had in decades. He never got hurt, and while he turned the ball over, he could deliver downfield strikes and run the team's offense at all times. 

The point here is to say Cousins is not always the most consistent QB, and that's backed up by Redskins safety Landon Collins.

"Like I was with the Giants, you never know what kind of Kirk Cousins you're getting. Right now they're getting Pro Bowl Kirk Cousins over there," Collins said on Monday.

Collins faced Cousins plenty of times when the safety played for the Giants, and New York found plenty of success against the quarterback. In nine career games against the Giants, all as QB of the Redskins, Cousins threw 12 interceptions. 

So when Collins talks about slowing Cousins down, it's not from a hypothetical place. 

"Pressure. Pressure. When I was with the Giants, I know we put a lot of pressure on him, put a lot of guys in his face, a lot of blitzes, lot of different systematic fronts and stuff like that, disguises," the Redskins safety said. 

Cousins will come into Thursday's game against the Redskins on fire. He's thrown 10 TDs against just one INT in the Vikings last three games, all wins. In Detroit on Sunday, Cousins went for more than 300 yards passing with four touchdowns and wasn't sacked once. 

"Right now he's playing like a Pro Bowl Kirk Cousins," Collins said. "We would say at the Giants, 'You don't know what kind of Kirk Cousins you're going to get.' Right now they're getting Pro Bowl Kirk Cousins, and he's playing at a high level right now."

At 1-6 the Redskins defense doesn't scare anybody. The team has had some success upfront, however, causing pressures and getting to passers. Washington has 16 sacks on the season and the front five has gotten things going after a very slow start.  

Cousins isn't unique. Pressure causes turnovers for defenses. Players on both side of the football know that, and that's what Collins want to see in Minnesota against Cousins.

"That's the biggest game plan: try to force him into mistakes. Right now he's playing at a high level, so it's going to be hard. He's playing against a lot of good teams and he's been going against a good defense. That's probably made his skill level and his play much better."


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Chris Thompson says confidence is a major factor in decision on whether or not to start Dwayne Haskins

Chris Thompson says confidence is a major factor in decision on whether or not to start Dwayne Haskins

After yet another Redskins' loss, the questions of when is Dwayne Haskins getting the starting spot? grow louder and louder.

Many question the rookie's readiness. Surely, putting Haskins in a game with a volatile offensive line would be detrimental to his confidence. For deciding when to put Haskins out there, should the possibility of shattering a young quarterback's confidence play a major role? Running back Chris Thompson says yes.

“Confidence is definitely everything. It’s everything," Thompson said on The Sports Junkies Monday. "For quarterbacks and young quarterbacks at that, young players period.”

Thompson said critics on social media and analysis on sports networks such as ESPN are inescapable and can have a larger influence on younger players.

“We can’t seem to stay away from it [social media] and on top of playing bad, which already messes you up,” Thompson said.

In the meantime, Thompson said the coaches are working with Haskins on preparing him for the future.

‘I think the coaches are really just trying to groom him and get him ready for the future and not really try to push him too much now," Thompson said.