While the hoopla over the rumored three-way trade that would have had the Redskins shipping Kirk Cousins to the 49ers with Tony Romo winding up in Washington now officially gone, there still is a lingering possibility that Cousins still could be involved in a more conventional trade.

One NFL insider, in fact, thinks that a Kirk Cousins trade between the Redskins and 49ers is probable.

Speaking on the NFL Network Mike Silver of NFL Media said that his sense is that it is “more likely than not” that Cousins starts the season as Kyle Shanahan’s quarterback in San Francisco.

Via Twitter, Silver emphasized that this was not a sourced report.

He was asked how he thought the Cousins situation would play out and he gave his sense of what would what will happen.

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Silver is a veteran reporter who is very well plugged in to teams, especially the organizations on the West Coast.

It would be smart to consider what his sense of the situation is.

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