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NFL insiders pick Packers over Redskins


NFL insiders pick Packers over Redskins

According to the lines in Vegas, the Redskins are either slight favorites to beat the Packers in their wild card playoff game on Sunday or slight underdogs. Either way, it’s essentially a coin flip in the eyes of the bookies.

But betting lines are designed more to get an equal amount of money wagered on both teams so that the sports books don’t risk losing money than they are to predict the winner of the game. And, according to some NFL team assistant coaches and personnel guys, the Packers are the pick to win.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel talked to two assistant coaches and two personnel executives and asked them to predict the outcome of the game on Sunday. All four picked Green Bay by scores of by scores of 31-24, 24-20, 28-24 and 28-21.

One was not a believer in Kirk Cousins. "You keep waiting for the bad Cousins to show up," an NFC East personnel man said. "He has had a good year, but there are some turnover traits in play and Green Bay has the personnel to pressure him."

Hmmm. “Turnover traits in play”? Cousins has thrown three interceptions in his last 10 games and one of those bounced out of the hands of the intended receiver. Sure, he has had possible interceptions dropped by defenders but so has every other quarterback playing out there.

It’s even more surprising that the personnel man was from the Redskins’ division. Cousins threw two interceptions three and a half months ago in Week 3 against the Giants. Those were the only picks he threw in the NFC East all year.

One of the coaches polled wasn’t impressed with the noise generated by the

"You'd love to have the home-field advantage, but I don't think they (the Redskins) have an unbelievable home-field like Green Bay, New England or Seattle," the offensive coach said. "They don't have that kind of aura. Maybe their fans will be excited, but they haven't had a lot to cheer about for a couple years.

I would think that Redskins fans will take that as a challenge.

That offensive coach did have the only positive comment on the Redskins that McGinn passed along.

"I think the Redskins will manage the game well,” he said. “They're a better team when they're ahead."

We will see how this one turns out. But it looks like there are plenty of NFL types who don’t think the Redskins have much of a chance. It’s up to the team to prove them wrong. 

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Reuben Foster believed to be lost for 2019 with major knee, leg injury, per source

Reuben Foster believed to be lost for 2019 with major knee, leg injury, per source

Redskins officials fear that linebacker Reuben Foster has torn the ACL in his left knee, sources tell NBC Sports Washington.

Additionally, there is concern about a more significant injury that could include the artery in his left leg, sources said. 

Foster went down on his first snap in a non-contact drill during OTAs on Monday after stepping on the leg of guard Tyler Catalina. Immediately, Foster fell to the ground, and it was obvious he was in intense pain. He was audibly screaming and crying while writhing in pain on the field. 

Moments later, the Redskins medical staff rushed out to Foster, and within a matter of minutes, his leg was placed into a stabilizing device. He was then helped onto a cart and wheeled off the practice field. 

After practice, Jay Gruden said the team was unsure of Foster's prognosis but did say, "I’m just very disappointed in what happened in his first rep as a Redskin. He runs through the gap and gets injured."

The Redskins took a major public relations hit by signing Foster last fall, and the team's belief was that his play on the field would be worth the controversy that enveloped his signing. Foster won't be playing in 2019, but remains under contract for 2020, and Washington will have the option to keep him in 2021. 


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Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott handcuffed by police at Vegas music festival

USA TODAY Sports Images

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott handcuffed by police at Vegas music festival

LAS VEGAS -- Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott was handcuffed by police, but not arrested, after a scuffle involving event staff at a Las Vegas music festival.

Police Officer Laura Meltzer said Monday that the 23-year-old running back was detained briefly early Saturday during the Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Cellphone video posted by celebrity website TMZ appeared to show Elliott speaking with a woman and then with several security and event staff members, including one who falls backward over a metal parking area barricade.

Elliott's attorney, Frank Salzano in New York, told TMZ that event security misconstrued the situation and overreacted and that Elliott left Las Vegas for Dallas after the incident to be at his youth football camp Sunday.

Salzano didn't immediately respond to messages from The Associated Press.