The NFL will release the full 2017 schedule Thursday night, but plenty of bits and pieces are leaking out.

Word is the Redskins will play the Giants at home on Thanksgiving night — the franchise's first ever foray into hosting on the holiday — and now reports emerged on the location and team of the opener and season finale. 

Just like that, two NFC East games are off the board.

Opener against the Eagles and Thanksgiving against the Giants. One more game showed up, courtesy of the New York tabloids.

Adding up all the reports, here's what we know: The Redskins' 2017 home opener will take place against the Eagles, will host the Giants on Thanksgiving, and will travel to New York to take on the Giants in the season finale.

According to CSN's Chick Hernandez, the Redskins will have two Monday Night Football games and two Thursday Night Football games in 2017. 

Much remains to be discovered, including three West Coast road trips and games in New Orleans, Dallas, Philadelphia and Kansas City. Also, the 'Skins will host six more home games against the Cowboys, 49ers, Raiders, Broncos, Vikings and Cardinals.


The Redskins will also head to New Orleans to take on the Saints on November, 19, according to our J.P. Finlay.

Washington went 8-7-1 last season, narrowly missing the playoffs after a Week 17 home loss to the Giants. 


— Week 1: Chiefs at Patriots, Thursday Night (Rumor)

— Week 1: Giants at Cowboys, Sunday Night Football (Rumor)

— Week 1: Saints at Vikings, Monday Night Football (Rumor)

— Week 2: Packers at Falcons, Sunday Night Football (Rumor)

— Week 2: Lions at Giants, Monday Night Football (Rumor)

— Week 4: Bears at Packers, Thursday Night Football (Rumor)

— Week 6: Giants at Broncos, Sunday Night Football (Rumor)

— Week 9: Lions at Packers, Monday Night Football (Rumor)

— Week 16: Raiders at Eagles, (Rumor)

— Week 16: Vikings at Packers, Saturday Night Football (Rumor)

— Week 17: Raiders at Chargers (Rumor)


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