For Redskins fans, the impressive performance from Jordan Reed on Thanksgiving also brought with it a downside. Playing through a separated shoulder, Reed was obviously in pain, and the team certainly needs their star tight end the remainder of the season to make a playoff run.

Monday, Reed was at Redskins practice, though not participating. He addressed the media after the session, and while he provided few immediate answers, one big hurdle was avoided: Reed does not require surgery.

"It's probably about 30 percent range of motion right now," Reed said. "I don’t throw the ball, so I don’t need surgery."

Reed explained that playing in the second half of Washington's loss in Dallas did not make the Grade 3 AC Joint injury worse, and he credited his faith for being able to get through 30 minutes of football without any big hits on his shoulder.

Moving forward remains a question, including this weekend against Arizona.

"If I’m able to do it I’m going to play," he said of facing the Cardinals on Sunday. "It's day by day right now, I'm still trying to figure that out."

Managing pain, strength in the shoulder and range of motion will be the most important factors to determine if Reed can go in Arizona. Gameday adrenaline also helps, Reed explained, but he added the 'Skins franchise won't let him play if the tight end is not ready to go. 


Both Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins expressed shock that Reed went back in the game against the Cowboys, but for Reed, the decision was about being there to help his teammates. 

"They trust me to be available in certain situations," Reed said. "I wanted to be out there."

The trick now for Reed will be resting the shoulder enough to regain range of motion, but not resting too much as to lose strength. The tight end explained that he tries not to wear a sling to force himself to hold his arm up, keeping his strength in the shoulder. 

Simple things like getting dressed and even sleeping are painful for Reed right now, though he admitted he is getting extra help around the house.

"It was definitely uncomfortable to reach over my head," he said. "It's pretty painful right now."

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