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Norman wants defense to attack, laments 'trolls and clowns'

Norman wants defense to attack, laments 'trolls and clowns'

Josh Norman came back from the Redskins’ break after their Thanksgiving Day loss to the Cowboys saying that the defense needs to have a renewed focus as the team moves into the stretch run.

“Be aggressive and attack,” he said when asked what he wanted to see from the defense the rest of the way. “Aggressive and attack, nothing more, nothing less.”

Has that not been the case all year?

“Sometimes in games, sometimes in certain games, we haven't,” he said. “We've got to continue to turn it on.”

The Redskins currently are 25th in the NFL in total defense and 18th in points allowed. They will have to be more aggressive on defense if they are going to make the playoffs and make any noise if they get there.

Norman was the target of some verbal barbs thrown by Cowboys receiver Dez Bryan after their game last Thursday. He didn’t want to comment on that.

“Nothing . . . It was a game. We lost, they won,” he said when asked about it.

Nor did he want to talk about Twitter barbs thrown at him by cornerback Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals, the Redskins’ upcoming opponent.

“Can't get into it, man,” he said. “Everybody wants to go against me for some reason. At the end of the day, that was then, this is now.”

“I really don't care, man. I don't,” he said. “To this day because, what I've done, they try, but it really don't matter to me. I just go out there and try and be that attack guy. At the end of the day I can't control nobody. Can only control what we do.”

“Trolls and clowns, trolls and clowns. When you're at the top everybody's gunning for you."

It does seem like Norman has had enough of the sideshows but he tends to be a magnet for it all. The Redskins hope he can just focus between the white lines and let all of the verbal stuff go.

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Two other Redskins RBs intend to learn whatever they can from Adrian Peterson

Two other Redskins RBs intend to learn whatever they can from Adrian Peterson

A few weeks ago, running backs coach Randy Jordan floated a hypothetical out to his unit: If you could start a franchise with any guy, who would you pick?

Rob Kelley's answer was Adrian Peterson. And as fate would have it, Peterson is now a part of Kelley's franchise, a fact that has the third-year back floored. 

"I was kind of amazed," Kelley said on Tuesday, which was Peterson's first day as a 'Skin. "I have a opportunity to play with Adrian Peterson, it feels surreal."

Kapri Bibbs' reaction was much of the same.

"It's amazing having him in the building," he told reporters. "I couldn't hope for anything better."

Samaje Perine wasn't in a position to speak to the media by the time the locker room was closed, but at least in the eyes of Kelley and Bibbs, Peterson's arrival is something to embrace. It's not too often you get to go through drills and meetings with a guy who's going to have a bust in Canton sometime soon.

"I don't think there really is a cap to that," Bibbs answered when asked what he's hoping to pick up from Washington's new No. 26. "There's not too much you can learn from him."

"I got him here, what can I learn from him?" Kelley said in reponse to a similar question. "What can I gain from this situation? How can I make myself a better player by watching him?"

Bibbs revealed that Peterson is already "spilling information" to him, which lines up with Peterson saying at the podium in Ashburn he wants to come in and be a positive influence on the rest of the group.

However, Peterson also said in his presser that he "without a doubt" wants to be the starter, and if that does eventually happen, it'll come at the expense of someone else's spot on the roster or someone else's reps in a game, whether that be a Kelley, a Bibbs or a Perine.

That's not something that bothers two of the options already in the Burgundy and Gold's backfield, though.

"I'm always gonna come in every single day, regardless," Bibbs said when Peterson's resume and talents were brought up as something that could pressure him.

Kelley isn't stressed, either.

"Right now, I'm just putting my head down and working and trying to get better."


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Does Adrian Peterson want to start for the Redskins? 'Without a doubt'

Does Adrian Peterson want to start for the Redskins? 'Without a doubt'

Adrian Peterson wants to be a good teammate, but he also made clear that he came to the Redskins to compete for the starting running back job. 

"Without a doubt," Peterson said when asked if he wanted to start. "And I would be cheating myself if that wasn't my approach."

The legendary running back is right, of course. 

Elite athletes always want to be at the top, and that drive is what gets them there. Peterson has run for nearly 12,000 yards in his NFL career, and that doesn't happen by accident.

Coming to Washington presents a different challenge for Peterson. 

Unsigned until August 20th, Peterson ran for a career low 3.4 yards-per-carry last season in split time between the Saints and Cardinals. It's no sure thing he even makes the roster, let alone starts for the Redskins on September 9 when the season begins. 

Peterson, however, is confident he has more left in his legs. 

"I continue to work because at the end of the day I control my output. So that’s why I continue to work hard. I knew an opportunity would present itself. And at the end of the day, God’s willing, stay healthy, the guys up front stay healthy as well, I know that I’ll be able to contribute in a big way in the run game."



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