Odell Beckham finally said what many people have been thinking: Week 17 has no upside for the Giants, and many of New York's players might look past the game against the Redskins.

Beckham's comments don't even approach a slight against Washington.

New York has already locked in at the fifth seed in the NFC playoffs. Win or lose Sunday at FedEx Field, nothing can change, so it makes sense that some players might not be focused on the game.

"It’s hard to not look past this game, knowing what’s at stake and the position we’re in, can’t move up, can’t move down," Beckham said Wednesday via The New York Post.

"It is very difficult to not look past that and look forward to next week."

Those comments are honest, despite the fact that all week Giants coach Ben McAdoo has said he will play his starters in the game. McAdoo won't say exactly how much his top players will go, and many around the NFL expect New York to treat the game like a preseason contest.


More from Beckham:

You can’t sit there and sugarcoat it and say that anyone in this locker room is not thinking about the playoffs mid-play running a slant. You can’t hide the fact that we’re in there. You don’t have to be oblivious to it. Just keep it moving. Obviously, we know our roles and where we’re at. We know what’s going on and all the implications that are behind this game. Just find a way to win.


The Giants players should be thinking about the playoff game, not the regular season finale, as the playoff game is what actually matters. Beckham did allow that there is some merit to trying to knock a division foe out of the playoffs, an opportunity New York has against the Skins, but playoff games matter much more. 

There's also the matter of facing off against Redskins corner Josh Norman. The Beckham/Norman matchup earlier this year had a mountain worth of hype surrounding it, and compartively, this week's pairing is quite pleasant. Both Norman and Beckham talked down the rivalry, even complimenting one another. 

"He is a great competitor, he is a great player. So it’s always a good matchup. I think it went OK last time," Beckham said of Norman. "It’s never really been an issue in my mind. I don’t have any ill feelings towards him at all. We just like to compete, that’s the bottom line."

Norman and Beckham compete at a very high level, that twice has generated volatile situations for the Giants star.

Between his comments, the potential for fireworks with Norman, and the reality of having nothing to play for in Washington, Beckham might have a very short afternoon against the Redskins. 


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