Pierre Garcon admits he's rooting for Cowboys Monday night in Alfred Morris jersey


The Cowboys can really help the Redskins' playoff hopes if they beat the Lions this evening on Monday Night Football. If Dallas wins, Washington only has to beat the Giants next week to punch their ticket to the playoffs.

But rooting for Dallas is a bitter pill to swallow for most Washington fans. 

Appearing on NFL Network's Good Morning Football, Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon suggested a clever way to feel less gross about cheering for the Cowboys: wear an Alfred Morris jersey!

Kay Adams asked how tough it would be for Garcon to pull for his arch rivals.

"It gives us a chance to play the Cowboys again so we'll root for them so that we can play them again, hopefully, if we take care of our business," he said. 

The hosts then asked if he would wear an Ezekiel Elliot jersey, or even Cole Beasley. And Garcon said no, he'd rock Morris. Duh!

Morris has been a favorite in Washington since playing for the Redskins from 2012 to 2015. And he's still incredibly beloved by his former teammates and fans, who were agonized when he signed with the Cowboys in the offseason. 

Now, burgundy and gold faithful have a good excuse to dig up old Morris jerseys and cheer for Alf like they've done countless times before. Even if he doesn't play (he was inactive last week against the Buccaneers), it's still good for him when his squad does well. 


So Redskins fans, don't think of it as rooting for your enemy. Instead, think of it as rooting for your old friend's team, and helping your team in the process. 

We miss you, bud!

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