Thursday Night Football does not engender a ton of support from seemingly any involved party. Coaches don't like the disruption to their weekly routines. Players don't like the additional toll on their bodies. Fans don't like what are way too many lackluster games.

None of that matters, however, for Roger Goodell and the NFL. Thursday Night Football makes a ton of money for the league, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

Goodell's sentiment around the Thursday night games drew the attention of Redskins free agent defensive lineman Chris Baker.

The 'Skins dealt with a particularly tough schedule in 2016. Twice they played short weeks, especially after a Sunday night game in Week 11 before a Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas. Later in the year, they played Monday night against the Panthers and then faced the Bears on a Saturday afternoon. And don't forget Washington also had an overseas game in London before their bye. 

Baker's complaints aren't alone. Seattle's Richard Sherman has been an outspoken critic of Thursday night game's, and ratings dipped early in the season for the contests. 

While the league's commitment to Thursday night games seems like a strict business play, it is worth pointing out the players take part in the additional cash. Thursday night games add about $1 billion in revenues, and about 55 percent of revenues get spent on player salary. Roughly, that works out to about an increased $250,000 per player per year; not exactly nothing. 


Perhaps a compromise can be reached between the players and the league at some point, as the current Thursday night tv deal expires after the 2017 season. Games on Thanksgiving are still quite popular, and there has been some talk of those being the first Thursday night games of the season. That would mean only about five or six weeks of Thursday games following the national holiday.

Any compromise will require owners taking less money, but players too. 


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