Time is slipping away for the Redskins if the team has any remaining hopes to sign quarterback Kirk Cousins to a long-term deal. 4 p.m. marks the deadline for negotiations, and if the team and passer cannot reach an agreement by that time, Cousins will play 2017 on a one-year $24 million fully guaranteed deal. 

So what will happen? JP Finlay and Rich Tandler give their best look:

Finlay: What will happen? Nothing. By all accounts and with conversations from plugged in folks, there is no deal to be had. Perhaps the Redskins can get something done with Cousins in 2018, but there is so little incentive for the QB to sign a multi-year contract now. 

He stands to make $24 million this year with the prospect of a much bigger payday next year, either with Washington or in free agency. As tiring as this contract saga continues to be for Redskins fans, don't expect it to stop just yet. 

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Tandler: I wish there was a more optimistic viewpoint to take here if for no other reason than to hold everyone's interest today. But a deal just doesn't seem to be a realistic possibility. Cousins' camp apparently wants to utilize the leverage provided by the franchise tag and the possibility of either a more lucrative tag or unfettered free agency in 2018. The Redskins may recognize Cousins' leverage but they are trying to cut a deal based on how much of the salary cap they can commit to a player who has put up some nice stats but is not one of the elite players in the game. 


The one thing that can change the dynamic here is for Dan Snyder to jump into the negotiations and try to make a deal happen. This probably would have happened by now if it was going to happen. But you can't rule out an 11th-hour push by the team owner. 


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