With free agency approaching, analysts will be debating which teams are the most attractive. In that context, the word "attractive" is used to describe teams that players would like to play for, whether that's because they're always competitive, have a bright head coach, etc.

But a recent survey that Fanatics.com just completed was done to literally figure out which teams are the most attractive — and its results were very kind to the Redskins and a handful of Washington's players.

Overall, after polling 400 people, Fanatics has concluded that just two franchises — the Titans and the 49ers — employ better looking rosters than the Burgundy and Gold. In addition, five 'Skins appear in the site's ranking of the league's top 10 handsomest individuals. 

Of those five, Will Compton finished closest to the top (he tied for fifth with Steelers corner Artie Burns). Ryan Kerrigan (tied for seventh with some fellow named Tom Brady), Mack Brown (tied for eighth), Pierre Garçon (tied for ninth) and Houston Bates (tied for tenth) were also viewed favorably by fans, who were given headshots of the athletes and asked to assign each guy a 1-10 rating.

Sure, the 8-7-1 record may not have been what Jay Gruden had in mind for his team at the outset of the 2016 season. However, he should take a lot of solace in knowing that — at the very least — his team looked good when compiling that record.