We all know about the Redskins “win and in” scenario on Sunday. If they beat the Giants  at 4:25 they will be in the playoffs as long as the Lions-Packers game that starts at 8:30 doesn’t end in a tie.

But there is a “tie and in” scenario for the Redskins as well, according to the playoff scenarios that the NFL released this afternoon. The way this works is if the Redskins and Giants tie Washington would be in if the Packers lose to the Lions and the Bucs either lose or tie against the Panthers.

How would that work? If the Redskins tie, they would be 8-6-2. A tie counts as a half game won and half a game lost. So the Redskins essentially would be 9-7 (.562 winning percentage). If the Packers lose to the Lions they would be 9-7 and lose the tiebreaker due to the Redskins head-to-head win. If the Bucs lose they would finish 8-8 and a tie would put them at 8-7-1 and out of the tiebreaking pool.

This is all farfetched, primarily because of the tie. The chance of any game ending in a tie is less than one percent. However, if it does happen in the Redskins game it would be an uphill climb for the rest if it to occur. The Packers are favored by about a field goal and Bucs are home favorites by about a touchdown.

Even though it’s unlikely, since we’re talking about a tie possibly playing into the Redskins if they win it’s worth pointing out a scenario that is out there.


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