The Redskins offense performed poorly in their preseason opener last week against the Ravens. The offensive line got pushed around, from the first team to the third team, and the effort put forth simply won't cut it in the regular season. 

The good news for Washington fans - the preseason is all about learning and getting better. And if you believe Redskins coach Jay Gruden, that's what happened in the days since the ugly loss in Baltimore.

"Two of our most physical days up front, both sides of the ball. They were getting after it, pod drills and team run," Gruden said Sunday night as his Redskins team wrapped up training camp in Richmond.

Washington held two practices after the Ravens game, Saturday and Sunday, and both saw spirited competition between offense and defense.

"We ran the ball a lot today, challenged them with their pad level and tried to get movement and all that stuff and they responded."

The team responding is the most important part. Speaking with some of the Washington offensive linemen as training camp closed, the players were a bit surprised that the Ravens blitzed so much. The Redskins first team O-line was on the field in Baltimore for six snaps, and the Ravens blitzed on three of those plays.

Keep in mind: Washington did not game plan for the Ravens' blitz. The Redskins were focused on their own plays, and part of that is why the blitz looked so effective.

Against the Packers on Saturday, expect the Redskins starters to stay on the field for more than six plays. The team will again focus on their own installation of plays rather than game planning for Green Bay. Still, after getting knocked backwards in Baltimore, expect a better result up front for the Washington offense on Saturday. 



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