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Redskins have plenty of 2018 cap room to make or match a possible Kirk Cousins offer

Redskins have plenty of 2018 cap room to make or match a possible Kirk Cousins offer

It seems like Monday's franchise tag deadline will come and go without much news between Kirk Cousins and the Redskins. The quarterback is currently slated to play on a one-year, $24 million deal in 2017, and unless a contract breakthrough takes place over the weekend, that looks to be the plan for this season. 

The intrigue then all begins again in 2018.

Washington will have three options with Cousins then: 

  1. Make a deal - Get a new contract signed in the time after the season ends and before the team must decide to use another tag, either franchise or transition.
  2. Tag you're it - The team can again tag Cousins, for a third straight season. The transition tag carries a $28 million price tag and lets the QB market his services around the league, which the Redskins can then match. Another franchise tag would cost $34 million, and Cousins' options for talking with other teams are either non-existent or much more limited than the transition tag. Not to mention, $34 million guaranteed for one season is unheard of, it's hard to imagine a scenario where that money gets turned down. 
  3. So long - The final option in 2018 is Cousins hits free agency unfettered and can go to the team of his choice. This seems the least likely option, but the entirety of the Cousins contract saga has been bizarre so who knows what will happen. 

It is important to note, however, that the Redskins will have plenty of cap room in 2018. $54 million to be exact. That much money would allow them to match just about any offer that might come for Cousins should he be given the transition tag. 

ROSTER BATTLES: Left guard | Tight end Nickel cornerback  | Inside linebacker | Running back

One report suggested that two NFL general managers are prepared to front-load offers for Cousins in 2018 to make it hard for the Redskins to match. 

Immense speculation points to the 49ers wanting Cousins, especially given the ties between new coach Kyle Shanahan and the Washington quarterback. San Francsico projects to be about $50 million under the 2018 salary cap, meaning they actually have less available money than the Redskins. Those figures can change, and San Francisco could have a lot of money roll over from the 2017 cap. 

For Redskins fans worried about the 49ers spending recklessly to sign Cousins, know that the actual cap numbers might not support the theory. Would the Niners pay Cousins as much as the franchise tag in 2018? Maybe, but that's a prohibitive figure. 

Realize too, however, that Washington has now had two offseasons to try and work out a multi-year deal with Cousins. It hasn't happened, and hasn't really even appeared close to happening. 

It's entirely possible that should Cousins find a major dollar offer next year in free agency, the Redskins won't match it. That doesn't mean they can't. 

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Not that this helps, but NFL admits refs missed a late call that would've assisted Redskins vs. Texans


Not that this helps, but NFL admits refs missed a late call that would've assisted Redskins vs. Texans

You're finally over the Redskins' loss to the Texans and looking forward to their matchup against the Cowboys, right?

Well, time for you to get upset again.

At the end of that game, officials made a call on Josh Norman, a holding that shouldn't have been flagged.

They also didn't make a call involving Josh Doctson on a play where two Houston DBs got very physical with the 'Skins wide receiver on Washington's last play from scrimmage.

But hey! Guess what!?

On Tuesday, the NFL informed the Redskins that the Texans should've been penalized for pass interference on that second sequence:

Fantastic news, right? This means Dustin Hopkins can trot out and try his game-winning field goal again, doesn't it?

Oh, wait, it doesn't?

Of course it doesn't. 

These late admissions don't help anyone. They don't change the final scores or records of the teams involved.

So why don't you just head to the comments section of this blog and let it rip, because that's about the only thing you can do at this point.


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After seeing Aaron Rodgers go down in 2017, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix knows how to support a backup QB

After seeing Aaron Rodgers go down in 2017, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix knows how to support a backup QB

It's a new team but the same storyline for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in 2018.

Last year while with the Packers, Clinton-Dix was there as Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone against the Vikings in Week 6. 

Now a Redskin, the safety is coming off of a game where he and his teammates watched Alex Smith badly break his leg while facing the Texans.

So, in just more than 13 months, he's seen two franchise faces go down with long-term injuries. That means when he talks about how the 'Skins can succeed with Colt McCoy leading the way, he's speaking from experience as opposed to trying to imagine it.

"You just have to rally behind him," Clinton-Dix said Tuesday, just two days before Washington's showdown in Dallas on Thanksgiving. "Colt is a great quarterback, he's a winning quarterback. I have a lot of confidence in him. The way he approaches the game, I have a lot of confidence in that as well."

The defensive back is just the latest to compliment how McCoy prepares, something he's been doing for years now, just waiting for his next opportunity to come up. Now it's here, and Clinton-Dix wants the defense to make things as easy as possible on the passer.

"Find a way to give more," he said about what he can do to contribute from the other side of things.

Rodgers did eventually return for Green Bay, but by that time, an inexperienced Brett Hundley had slogged through a 3-6 record, and the Packers were too far out of the playoff hunt, even for Rodgers.

This time around, McCoy's veteran presence is something that's easing Clinton-Dix's mind. 

"I'm not worried about Colt," he said. "I'm excited to watch him go out and play."

Clinton-Dix was worried about McCoy at one point, though.

The defender played for Alabama from 2011-2013 but was paying attention to the signal caller when Texas squared up with the Crimson Tide in the 2010 BCS National Championship. That was a contest that McCoy had to leave early on after hurting his shoulder.

That exit affected history, according to Clinton-Dix.

"If it wasn't for him getting hurt back when he was playing against the Alabama boys, I'm pretty sure we would've never won that game."