Redskins have second highest viewership in NFL so far this season


After the Thanksgiving showdown between the Redskins and Cowboys got record TV ratings, a story in Advertising Age included information about the most watched teams in the NFL through November 24. 

The article itself touted the incredible viewership Cowboys games have drawn, but coming in second behind are the Redskins. 

Here's the data cited by Ad Age. 


1) Dallas Cowboys: 25.3 million viewers

2) Washington Redskins: 22.3 million viewers

3) New England Patriots: 21.2 million viewers

4) Pittsburgh Steelers: 20.8 million viewers

5) Green Bay Packers: 20.5 million viewers

6) Philadelphia Eagles: 19.1 million viewers

7) Seattle Seahawks: 19.0 million viewers

8) Indianapolis Colts: 19.0 million viewers

9) Minnesota Vikings: 18.5 million viewers

10) Denver Broncos: 18.1 million viewers

That Washington comes in above marquee franchises like the Patriots, Steelers and Packers – not to mention the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos – speaks to a number of factors. 

This year, the Redskins are getting lots of national exposure. Their schedule includes five nationally televised games, the same number as the three teams listed above

They've also played popular opponents that get high viewership like the Steelers, Packers and Cowboys (twice) in those games. 

But there's also the fact that Washington is pretty good this year. When teams win and play exciting football, people tune in. It also helps to have attention-getting stars like Josh Norman, DeSean Jackson and now Kirk Cousins. 

Also remember that all of Maryland down through the Carolinas used to be Redskins territory before the Panthers arrived. This year, the Panthers have regressed and the Redskins are surging, so that could have something to do with it as well. 


Washington has one national game left on the calendar: Monday Night Football in Week 15 against Carolina. 

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