The injury that’s sidelined Redskins wide receiver Josh Doctson for more than a week is improving, but the team’s medical staff still is erring on the side of caution.

And so on Wednesday, the rookie was relegated to rehabbing off to the side and taking mental reps, again.   

“Nothing is wrong with the foot; I know there was a lot of speculation about that. It’s my Achilles,” Docston told me after practice. “That’s what really keeping me from getting out there. We’re just being patient, trying to get it back right so I don’t make it worse.”

Doctson said the primary source of the soreness is overuse. But he also acknowledged that he's tweaked the tendon a couple of times during the offseason program, as well.

“It’s just nicked up,” Doctson said. “I’ve been going since last June. There’s a lot of wear and tear on it. I kind of got nicked up in minicamp. But it’s really just overuse right now, a lot of cutting and stuff. So I’m just trying to ice it and get it right.”

So, for now, he's limited to rehab, participating in walkthough periods and watching intently from the sideline.

“Everything is mental for me," Doctson said. "It’s a different perspective. Kind of like when I broke my wrist in college. Although I knew the plays, I still took mental reps. That’s where I’m at right now—I’m hearing every call and visualizing myself doing it.”


Doctson acknowledged that missing time so early in his career hurts, but he’s trying to keep things in perspective.

“It’s frustrating, but I’m going to look back at this moment and laugh,” Doctson said. “It’s just one of the bumps in the road. I had plenty of these getting here. So I’m not going to get too frustrated about it.”