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It's a joyous time for the Redskins quarterback – and not just because he's set to make $23.9 million in 2017. Kirk Cousins' wife, Julie Cousins, took to Instagram Saturday to announce that the couple will be having a baby. 

Besides being parents to an adorable dog, this is their first child together. Baby Cousins will be coming in September right at the start of a busy NFL season. 

Here's his wife's sweet post.

The team has also tweeted its congratulations.

The news comes as the Redskins' QB, 28, has found himself in the center of swirling speculation. Will he sign a long-term deal to stay in Washington? Will he be traded? Could he be replaced by Tony Romo, of all people

The Redskins recently placed an exclusive franchise tag on Cousins, so if they want to keep him in D.C., that's where he'll be. 

And as residents of the Washington area, we can assure him it's a great place to raise kids.