Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan exited Sunday's loss to the Giants with a finger injury. He left in the third quarter of a win-and-in game, so that should have tipped off everyone that the situation was ugly. 

The next morning as players cleaned out their lockers, Kerrigan revealed that he actually had a compound fracture of his pointer finger. Bone hanging out, the whole nine yards. 

First, ew. 

Second, that's a horrible injury to have. Think about all the things you need your right index finger for! Pointing at stuff, typing like an old person, making peace signs– the list goes on. 

But this isn't the first time Kerrigan has injured his right hand. He fractured it in a game against the Buccaneers in October 2015 and needed surgery. The year before that, he played through a bone chip in there.

It's unclear if he'll need surgery this time. 

Frankly, if I'm Kerrigan's right hand, I'm starting to feel a little picked on. But you know how it is in football: Next man up mentality! That means you, lefty.

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